Back to your Mac , Free or not to be

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Google, Hack, How To
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Here’s a quickie, and who doesn’t like a quickie every now and then? I was looking for a decent FTP client for Snow Leopard, and I came across this post over at LifeHacker , While I figured this could be easily done, I didn’t connect the dots in myself, but to a simple point, Adam Pash lays out how to remotely access your Mac, without paying for the $100 a year “Back to my mac” (.mac) service. And my readers know I love software & solutions that costs Free-nintey-nine.

I already had dished out the dough, but for those that are reading, learn from others mistakes…

(P.S. It’s super simple to follow it through, don’t feel intimidated)


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