Typically I’ve always added a scratch drive to CS4 right off the bat. Tonight while messing around with a new Bamboo pen tablet by Wacom, I attempted to add a scratch drive in CS4 but ran into a problem. I had an external HDD plugged in, I could access the files on it just fine, but for the life of me, it would not appear in CS4 to add it as a scratch drive. I restarted the iMac, I unloaded then loaded the external HDD, but nothing worked.

So I sat back and said to myself, “When it seems like a difficult problem on a computer, it typically is something simple overlooked“. I stared at the external HDD as if I could coerce it to work, but yup as you guessed it, that didn’t work either.

Well the solution was simple, though it took about a good 10 minutes to figure it out. The external HDD was originally formatted in shitty ass FAT32, so it could be pc/mac compatible (with a lame 4gb file transfer size). So I dumped all the files onto the internal HDD, reformatted Mac OS extended, and voila, the bad boy appeared in CS4….

so there it is… in case you didn’t know.


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