Find yourself here because there are no reviews pitting the old “King of the hill cards” vs ATI’s new King of the hill card? Wondering why you can’t find a single review that has 4890’s crossfired vs a 5970? That’s because you most likely won’t find a review that does this. (If you do I would love to see it). I wondered the same exact thing being an (previous) owner of 2x 4890s running in Crossfire. I couldn’t decide whether or not I should get a single 5970. So I wrote ATI and email asking why I couldn’t find a comparison. My email went like this:

I've been pondering whether to buy the Thermaltake Level 10
case, or buy a 5970. Being ATI, I think you might pitch me on buying your 5970 (obviously)
but I am hoping for a solid response rather then a computer generated sales pitch
 I am currently running 4890's in crossfire and
can't find one single review that pitches the 4890s (IN CROSSFIRE) vs a
single 5970. I take it because it is there last flagship card, and they
don't want it to be compared to it's current flagship for selling and
marketing purposes. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would like to know before I
make the purchase. 

My system specs are as follows, thanks for your time.

Intel Intel i7 975 EE @ 4.4ghz cooled by a modded
(regassed and highly tuned mach
II gt unit with a Baker block head)
12gb ddr3 (OCZ)
EVGA Classified mobo
ATI 4890 x2 crossfire
2x's 1.5tb WD in RAID 0
2x's Velociraptors in RAID 0
Xfi Fatality sound card
Dell 30" LCD

I like the 4890's they do an "decent" job at most games, I mean like
at 2560x1600 with everything on (except bloom and no AA and
no AS) runs pretty decent, however Fallout 3 at that resolution is a
moderate Fail once things start getting busy, Crysis is worse. However I
would like to "kill it" so to speak, I was wondering if I should buy one (or two)

My response came the following day:

Hi David;

Most reviewers don't have 2x 4890s. It launched at an
odd time; it seems like anyone who was serious enough about multi-GPU
already had a "pair of something" or a GTX295/4870X2. You're one of the few people
I've heard of that has the 4890 in CF. At any rate, a 4890CF is about
10-15% faster than a 4870X2 setup, so use that guidance.

I can't make any recommendations. However given what you
already have, there doesn't seem to be a great incentive for you to upgrade
right now. It wouldn't hurt to at least wait. By the way, nice machine you have
there, it's fast enough as is!


Sooooo, yah…

I ended up buying two 5970’s running them in crossfire, and yes it’s visual bliss, and yes it’s about 20-30% faster than two 4890’s in crossfire.

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