Updates and the lack of time

Posted: March 24, 2010 in General Area

As always I’ve been working on about 12 to many projects concurrently. I have a viral video in the making, fully filmed and edited (as much as possible) from the iphone 3gs. Also working on getting the band over to the office and filming a Chatroulette session, and sometime next month, performing a viral Chatroulette from Santa Monica boardwalk, well see if everyone comes together! That and work, and the ridiculous amount of day to day work stacking up.

As you can also see, I’ve changed the theme to a more modern “Helvetica Neue” theme, and optimizing the back-end to load faster for you cheap asses on slow internet!

The largest attractions to my blog (the hacks and cracks for Windows, CS4, Win7 etc) are still here and have not and will not be removed…at least without a cease and desist order 😛
Yours truly,


Long live Piracy

Long Live Piracy


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