CS5 is being released in 18 daysThat’s right artists, just when you thought you were beginning the master every path and trick with CS4, Adobe laid the smackdown and is delivering CS5 in (at this moment 18 days 11 hours and 37 minutes) just a couple weeks. There is not a lot of information as to what changes are being made with the new set of software, but what is known is that the previous Fireworks app, is going to have added robustness, and the ability to export in .ipa format, which means you can create a full iphone app within CS5 exclusively. You most likely can also expect further enhancements to “spaces” and “desktop composition” in Illustrator, which was a new feature in CS4. Cloud saving and backup will most likely be a new feature added, those who wish to pay for the storage space. Photoshop is in much need of some updates as well, but I wouldn’t expect anything drastic, although rather than tabbed projects, I’d prefer the “spaces” in Photoshop as well. And give me some more damn default fonts (making sure several macs have all the same fonts is a bitch!), and brushes, hell insert all of Brusheezy brushes. (BTW Brusheezy definitely deserves some recognition)

What you can definitely expect is:

Major installation problems

Increased piracy security

More intense backdoors to Adobe servers to check authenticity

Most likely a new software registration protocol (Adobe software is among the highest pirated next to Windows)

A kill switch for “Little Snitch” (lol..some of you f*ckers know EXACTLY what I’m talking about)

A pirated copy on TPB within 3 days of release.

The workaround here on this blog 😛

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