If you watch TV and actually see the commercials, you might have seen commercials for Hughesnet Satellite internet pop up every now and then. The main target is for people that live in rural areas, or fiber deadzones. Within the last few years, amazingly even in the middle of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, I have had several clients be in a fiber deadzone, where the only option for high speed internet (aside from a 30 day wait for a T1) is either Microwave wireless (Skyriver, OSWI etc), or Satellite internet.

Recently a client of mine went forward with Hughesnet, against my employees strong recommendation to not. The commercial does a real slick play on words, dancing around the mysterious FAP (Fair Access Policy). Of course it is a commercial, and it’s meant to sell consumers, but such a huge company should not falsely advertise and lure clients into long contracts with early termination penalties.

The real reason HughesNet really sucks the fat chubby is because of their FAP (Fair Access Policy in case you failed to remember). It’s hard to even find any information on the HughesNet website, obviously hidden for devious reasons. Here’s the skinny.

Your heavily restricted on your upload and download (DAILY) limit, once your pass this limit, which my client did within 30 minutes, your speed is reduced to dial up speeds. Yes I typed that correctly fucking dial up folks, that’s just pathetic. “But Mr.David, my grandma doesn’t download games and software, she just checks emails and goes shopping online“. Yes yes I understand however keep in mind that if you sent grams a link to a 5 min Youtube video, and she watches it, that equates as “downloading”, a 5 min youtube video in standard (.flv) format is about 4-9 megabytes. The video banners that automatically pop up all over the web, are also considered “downloading”. Hell a .PNG signature card in an email is considered an “upload” and “download”. We live in a world that caters and is shoving broadband widgets every corner of the web you turn (and it’s not always a bad thing), and yet HughesNet does not adhere to this world. Below is an excerpt of their FAP:

To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet™ subscribers, HUGHES® maintains a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access for HughesNet subscribers. Hughes assigns a download threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded during a typical day. A small percentage of subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed.
The Fair Access Policy is straightforward. Based on an analysis of customer usage data, Hughes has established a download threshold for each of the HughesNet service plans that is well above the typical usage rates. Subscribers who exceed that threshold will experience reduced download speeds for approximately 24 hours.
During this recovery period, the HughesNet service may still be used, but speeds will be slower. Web browsing, for example, will be significantly slower than subscribers’ normal browsing experience. Subscribers will return to normal download speeds after the recovery period as long as they minimize their bandwidth-intensive activities. If they continue these activities during this recovery period, reduced download speeds may continue beyond 24 hours.
Ok so you might be one of the few idiots (no really if you agree with the FAP you are an idiot), your argument might be “But Mr.David, I don’t even watch Youtube videos, and nobody emails my sorry ass, I just browse porn my AOL favorites and read the news“.  I would reply first, your an major idiot for using AOL still, secondly if your using any version of Microsoft Windows, and yes even a Mac OS, there are these handy things called UPDATES, along with 90% of software updates that come frequently. A single update could easily set you over your limit. If you are using a Linux distro, well hell you actually might be in luck here….nope, your not, I just wanted to get you excited then burst your bubble.  VPN? nope, scratch that idea. Webex conference? Forget about it.
I can understand that if you live in a log cabin in the mountains, HughesNet might be your only choice, and when your options are THAT limited, the sure HughesNet will serve it’s purpose and connect you to the outside world….but only in very limited moderation.
Are you a HughesNet user? Have you been a previous customer of HughesNet service? Let us know what you think in the comment section beeelooow.
  1. Charles says:

    HUGHES NET SUCKS ASS!!!! FAP!! …they have the stones to use the word FAIR!!

    • AUDREY says:

      I just dished out over $500 for this sorry ass service. The only reason i wanted this is so my husband could play halo reach multiplayer. well he cant even sign in to xbox live. all the gamers out there know exactly what im talking about. The really shitty thing is.. i cant even get a refund without being charged an early cancellation fee. this is the biggest load of crap i have ever been served. A lesson well learned. Attention everyone: DO NOT USE HUGHESNET. IT IS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS.

    • Me says:

      no one out there should buy this service. if you’re satisfied with horribly slow speeds and have nothing else available, stay with dial up. at least with dial up, you get what you pay for and have a dependable connection that isn’t victim to bad weather. the only way the internet is even slightly usable with this horrible connecting is with an accelerator, which only degrades images to make you think your internet is faster. do anything that uses any real bandwidth, you get stopped right in your tracks and have to wait for the hughesnet snail to put along with it’s very high ping numbers. at the best of times, it’s crap. at it’s worst, it’s only really usable if you view sites devoid of images or graphics

  2. adam says:

    hughesnet is a joke. i live in the middle of nowhere and hughesnet and dial up are my only choices, and over 90% of the time i bluetooth internet over my cell phone and its way faster. thats what im doing right now. not to mention how much cheaper it is. try pulling up google. it took me over 5 hours to watch a 2 minute video.its unreal how slow it is. ive never had dial up that slow. they refuse to address customer complaints and ive been throttled for over a week at a time. its not worth the bill. buy a cell phone and get a 40 dollar unlimited data plan and but a 20 dollar bluetooth device and save 20-60 bucks a month with faster internet.

  3. You commit an error. I can prove it. Write to me in PM.

  4. Zander says:

    I did the 30 day trial thing. Canceled it right away… now I’ve lost 100 bucks and have to send all the crap (including a piece of satellite -located on the freaking roof-)and pay for postage. One fun fact I want to add is, I was on the phone for nearly an hour while I tried to cancel with hughesnet. I’d rather have a 10 dollar dial-up bill and get dial up speed, than pay nearly 100 bucks for “high speed internet” that is a joke.

  5. Paige says:

    Hughes net is a piece of shit. They seriously might as well fuck me in the ass, seriously I’d rather get fucked in the ass then have to go throught this bullshit. I just renewed my tokens and still this stupid shit internet is slow as crap. Its a fucking piece! If there is ever another occurance of 9-11 I gladly hope they bomb wherever hughesnet is fucking located. Fuck this fucking shit! Hughes net go fuck yourself you pieces of garbage!

  6. Paige says:

    Oh and one more thing…DirectTV is garbage as well. If you want to live in the country you might as well say bye bye to electronics…cause all those crook companys will take a nice long pull and fuck you in the ass with it, and take all your fucking money. So hughesnet, directTV. you are the most dumbest, disgusting, horrible company’s i’v ever met.

    • David says:

      Lol yah they really do suck the big one, and I agree were very limited on our choices for internet service providers.

      • Billy says:

        i have wildblue and they dont limit you by day they limit you by 30 days which is a whole lot better. i live in an apartment so of course i had to get satelite, i cant get cable that easily. SCREW HUGHES NET GO DIALUP, and EVERY O T H E R ISP out there

  7. Tim says:

    We got sucked into hughesnet as the only available so called high speed internet in the area. The truth of the matter is that we would have been better off just sticking with dial up. As soon as we can get out of our contract the dish will become a bird bath in our front yard!

  8. Joy says:

    hughesnet is a joke. they will rob you blind in an instant. wish i had done my due diligence BEFORE i signed up for “the last resort”. i would have freaking MOVED somewhere that had other options.

  9. Trent says:

    Just got set up with Hughesnet. Did it all through the phonebook, so I was surprised to hear about the FAP. My bandwidth meter is hanging on 6% left before FAP. My biggest gripe would have to be that as soon as I’m FAPd, I have to wait 24 hours before I can use the internet again. I read about previous users only needing to wait 3-4 hours. Now that would be TOLERABLE. The refilling bucket system sounded GREAT. I plan to cancel ASAP.

  10. Christian says:

    I was stuck with HughesNet for about 2 years until a better service came along in my rural neighborhood. I was never so happy as I was when I was able to call HughesNet and tell them where they could shove their satellite system. The FAP is anything but Fair. They say that only a few people will reach their download/upload limit, but that’s simply not true. 500 megs is a very small amount these days of larger files, video and audio. And when they slow you down it’s BELOW dial up speeds. My system would frequently slow down to about 25k. And when you consider the high monthly price I was charged ($110) it’s totally ridiculous!

  11. Stefan Otero says:

    After reading Paige’s comments I forgot all about Hughesnet and started daydreaming about…..

    well, you know.

  12. Sandy says:

    well wish i would have seen this sooner am going to cancel and drive the shit to their door dished out over 600 bucks for wireless and pro hughes with a fat sat purchase…..and any way shape or form going to let all who i know they suck and rip you off

  13. Dennis says:

    I wish someone with the money to do so would file a classaction suit against Hughes. How can FAP be a fair access policy when 1. Its different for each paid level of service, and 2, you can buy tokens to reset it, bothe meaning that it is only fair to those with money to burn. The rest of us get clobbered with worse than dialup speed if we accidentally go over the FAP, which for most of us is 200 MB. About the size of one episode of southpark.

  14. Peg says:

    I have been stuck with Hughesnet since leaving the dark ages of dial-up 5 years ago. It just keeps getting worse and the foreign speaking tech phone calls keep getting longer. There is never a satisfying resolution to what seems to be a system that keeps getting slower even when the FAP hasn’t been exceeded. Their solution you ask? Spend more money on an upgraded plan and marry myself to this nonsense for 2 more years. I’m finally out of contract for the 2nd time having upgraded once before (which did nothing for me but cost more). Both Comcast and DSL are unavailable in my area. Is there any way around Hughesnet’s highway robbery?

  15. cyberscryber says:

    We pretty much do live in a log cabin in the woods but it’s not as isolated as all that. We live 10 miles out of town in WA state near the Vancouver/Camas area but for all the services we get here (phone and electricity and that’s it–mail and garbage are 2.5 miles away, no natural gas, water or sewer) we might as well live in the middle of nowhere Wyoming with the nearest town being 30 miles away and I know this because I have lived in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and actually prefer it to here, but I digress.

    We’ve had hughesnet since 2005, and in that time I have dealt with some truly horrific customer service and internet service. I’ve had outages that lasted 2 months because their “computer system” kept kicking our name out of the repair order. I’ve had to replace the transmitter twice in 5 years and just recently called customer service because my connection keeps crapping out due to “service degraded” status. They have changed their policies. At least this time they were happy to hear my complaint and send a repair man right away. For $125.00. He checked everything thoroughly and all equipment was fine. He then told me that hughesnet would never admit it but they just have too many people on the same satellite. My only hope is to upgrade to the 9000 series modem, which would require a new dish, and a whole new install because the place where the dish is now would not work for the satellite the 9000 series modem uses.

    So here I sit knowing that if I get the new dish and modem, probably about 6 months later one of the hi-speed ISPs around here will miraculously, finally decide to give us broadband. But if I don’t get the new equipment hell will probably freeze over before we get broadband, let alone FIOS out here.

    There are at least 30 houses on this 3 mile long road and although hughesnet is awful, I also blame the large ISPs as well as the city we pay our taxes to. Just recently, Verizon sold our phone service to some obscure little phone company I have never heard of. I know they (Verizon) did that so they would not be held liable by the FCC for getting us broadband internet. Now when the FCC looks at this little company, they’ll see that it is too small to absorb the cost of running broadband or FIOS lines here and those of us who live more than 7 miles out are out in the cold–still. Yeah. I’m pissed.

  16. Exempt says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your in that situation with hughesnet, specially living in a rural area it literally is your *only* option.

    The largest kink and catch 22 to hughesnet “broadband” is that they provide you with access to the world wide web, which also exposes you to the viruses and malware on the net. Hence the hightened need for windows and Mac os updates, which can weigh in pretty hefty, last month Apple released an update for Java that alone weighed in at 77mb.

    I estimate that if you did a fresh windows 7 install, and used Hughesnet for your internet, it would take you over 17 days to update and download necessary operating system files and windows updates (firefox, adobe reader, winrar, klite codec pack, daemon tools) , now add norton or mcafee antivirus and hit update and again you’ve broken your FAP.

    This is just unfair to you guys!

  17. Cantrell says:

    I’ve had Hughesnet for about two years now, and I’ve always known it was slow, I didn’t find out until about two months ago about the FAP. Now I have a bookmark in my Firefox to my IP so I can constantly check to see how close I am to exceeding it. “All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, and the patience of a nun, a saint, a chess player, a teacher, and a turtle herder. -cheesy smile-“

  18. walter mayfield says:

    gee, what a bunch of whiny potty mouths. my hughesnet is great. even when i do use up my bandwidth it’s still way faster than dial-up and only $10 a month more. i use the download manager to download updates when you can use all the bandwidth your sorry ass, “i can’t wait more than ten seconds for my big mac” line crowding, candy-ass losers, complain about. i can watch southpark episodes and read your sorry ass posts too. so you suck on it!!

    • David says:

      @ Walter Mayfield comment: You are the only one that feels that way. Everyone hates Hughesnet, they blow. I download over 40gbs a week easily. I access my cloud and transfer files from work, my iphone 4. Hughesnet could NEVER support my usage. And according to any information I can find $10 more a month gets you another tiny ass 350mb which is rather parsley, actually that’s really shitty. I’m not knocking you, Hughesshit may suit your needs perfectly, obviously there are certain individuals that it works for perfectly, that’s how Hughesnet stays in business obviously. However I do have to say that you are a very very very small percentage of satisfied Hughesnet customers.

      • Parse Error says:

        More like they’re just a troll. There is supposed to be a download window where FAP wouldn’t apply, except that you have to gamble on whether it will actually work out that way over any given night.

        For instance, I woke up at 3 AM this morning to find the downloads that started at 2 had exceeded the bandwidth limit which shouldn’t have even applied during that time, so I had to use up a token to reset it and have been testing every hour on the hour since then with no luck and the download hours about to end shortly.

        You get one free token every month but this kind of thing happens several times each month so that only does a little good. If the download window actually functioned consistently then things probably wouldn’t be so bad, but instead it’s extremely aggravating with how random it is.

      • Jonathan says:

        You are an idiot.
        First of all, I don’t know of anyone that downloads 40gb a week, and this includes friends and family that are IT specialists, ‘hackers’, hardcore gamers, professional digital photographers, etc. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to do so with the crap that Hughes offers, even taking into account the free download time period.
        Secondly, the $10/month extra jumps you up to 350mb/day, not an additional 350mb/day, which is only 2450mb/week, a far cry short of the 40 GIGABYTES you claim.
        Finally, I have yet to come across a single positive review (besides yours) of Hughes from anyone that doesn’t remind me of my grandparents.
        You are either a troll or a Hughes corporate whore. Either way, you’re an idiot.

      • David says:

        I think several commenters are mis-reading what I posted in my own comment section, so let me repeat, I HATE FUCKING HUGHESNET. Period. When I re-read my comment it seems that some people are thinking that I was praising them, which in fact I am not. And yes, I do download over 40gbs a week. Those downloads are… several TV series shows in 720p (1.47 gb each, usually download about 7 a week) About 4-7 blurays (4gb-11gb each), and maybe one or two games a week (6gb each), not to mention that I am uploading a shitload as well to Vimeo and to my office. I could never…ever, use Hughesnet.

        When I posted that comment, I was saying it in reply to a comment I may have deleted where some retard was saying that all of us who hate Hughesnet were “a bunch of whining crybabies”, he stated he was more than happy with Hughesnet, and I think he’s a really effen idiot.

    • CrankyTom says:

      Sounds like you probably work for Hughes Net with the attitude you have, your the type of asshole that work there………….

    • Kelly says:

      You must work for hughesnet or be related to the owner.You are the only “satisfied customer” they have pig.

    • James Cranton says:

      Walter Mayfield you are a liar. It is documented on the Hughesnet site that once you exceed FAP your speed is dropped to 2.8-3K per second which is dialup. Maybe you still enjoy a 300 baud modem. You sound like a Hughesnet employee — liar.

  19. gene mcmanus says:

    just got out of the Hughesnet deal I cancelled 3 days after having the sevice because i spent more time on the phone with these ass clowns then i did on the internet. I’m going to keep thier dish out in the yard and use it for a sling shot target. Forget talking to thier sevice department about how baddly they suck you will just get some fucking homo from the Philipees that can barely speak english. FUCK YOU HUGHESNET I HOPE ALL YOU FUCKERS GET RAPED IN THE ASS WITH A HOT POKER.

  20. Mike Wharton says:

    Hughes net has screwed up my bill over 3 times and not yet have they kept there promise on reducing my bill by 30$ for 3 months. We would cancel it but we would be losing money considering we don’t have too much longer till the contract is up. Wild blue is crap as well there Customer support said that we couldn’t get it where we are then we called a hour later and someone else told us we could. Hughes net is just taking advantage of people who don’t live in high populated areas. I am a very serious gamer yet I have never play on Xbox Live cause of Hughes net. I will be glad to be rid of this dreaded Internet provider.

    (If you know a internet provider that can supply High Speed internet to someone who lives in the Zip Code: 49337 please email me at th3mike@live.com

  21. CrankyTom says:

    Yes, I was screwed by HughesNet also. I was on their 30 day FREE TRIAL SPECIAL. Kept it for just a few days before canceling. Well the FREE TRIAL screwed me out of $200 plus the cost of returning their crappola. The way they want their equipment packaged is ridiculous, must have used 30 feet of bubble wrap. I did find a good use for their dish, its planted out by the highway with a nice sign on it. I know it won’t help, but it makes me feel a little better. When I called them about the FAP, all I got was a lecture from some young punk. No one wanted to help until I said take your shit and stick it where the sun don’t shine.
    I am now with WildBlue , got their best package for $10 a month less than HUGHES was charging.
    Who will be Hughes next victim………………….

  22. Jonathan says:

    The free download period is from 2am – 7am, EST, not that this is all that great. The fact that Hughes goes out of their way to not even mention the FAP should be grounds for a class action suit for intentional misrepresentation. Claiming that this is to give users who download less the same fair access as high download users is total crap. If someone only accesses the internet to check email and Facebook, then they are not consuming very much bandwidth. Doesn’t it stand to reason then that it leaves more bandwidth available for higher download users, such as video/music/gaming enthusiasts? And for that matter, how come the land-based ISP’s don’t have such limits?! (And I really hated a few weeks ago when I heard someone on the radio suggesting that the other ISP’s are thinking of imposing such limits!) And speaking of online gaming, don’t even bother with Hughes. They even suggested against it when I was speaking with them on the phone, but since I’m in one of those rural dead spots, I’m stuck with them. And I spent four months trying to find something, anything, else. The data transfer rates are so inconsistent, one minute you may hit 100K, the next you’re down to less than 1K. I’d love to cancel, but they lock you into a 2 year contract and charge $400 for early termination, despite the fact that they aren’t living up to their end of the agreement. Virtually every review in which someone has tried to cancel early has been a nightmare. As soon as the contract is over, I’m done with them, whether I have internet service here or not. I’ll find some other way, even if I have to use my cellphone.

  23. Kate says:

    I have three words for you-Better Business Bureau! We became absolutely disgusted with their excruciatingly slow service after burning through the FAP-allocated usage, which didn’t take much. Don’t even bother with iTunes! Needless to say, their typical ESL (English as a Second Language) customer service is abysmal as well. The ONLY thing that helped was filing a complaint with the BBB that clearly outlined my complaints in detail. All of a sudden I heard from somebody in Missouri-somebody who could actually accomplish something. I reiterated my complaints, and we agreed upon a $100 termination. Yep, I had to mail their junk back, but at least they sent me FedEx labels, and we sent it all away. We are fortunate a new little start up local internet company came to our area. It’s like wifi on steroids-we have a little radio on a 50′ tower pointed at their tower connected to a T1 line. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s like lightning. Many rural areas are beginning to see companies pop up, so keep an eye out for them.

  24. Sterling says:

    I live on a farm and have had HughesNet for not quite 3 months and it is so bad, I’m paying these scoundrels off to the tune of $355 to sever my contract with them. My speeds have dropped to as low as 15 KBPS and I am paying them (with tax included) nearly $100 per month for speeds slower than dial up… no joke, here is a speed test image on my Flickr account… http://www.flickr.com/photos/southwestusa/5378083342/

    I now know why HughesNet sticks it to people who live in the STICKS.

    I’m checking into a radio ISP but will have to build a 24 foot tower to install my next ISP’s equipment on. I’ll be taking the new HighesNet dish down soon and will stick it on a pole up on the front of my property with a sign reading HughesNet is a HEADACHE and BOTTOM DWELLER.

  25. John says:

    Hughes net is slower than the second coming of Christ! I think they rob bandwidth from those who don’t complain and give it to those that do.
    I talked to a customer service guy yesterday and explained that after watching two maybe three youtube vids (short songs) that my system becomes severely slow. He just said, “some files are bigger than others.” WTF?
    Ive been putting off updates unless I want to be without a computer for 24 hrs.
    Has anyone gotten any satisfaction out of Hughes Net?

  26. David says:

    We can’t get DSL here we are and cable only comes to the first house on our road, less than a 1/2 mile from our house. We are left with Hughesnet as our “high-speed” internet provider and they are horrible. I guess when you have no competitors you can treat your customers badly. It would be nice to be able to speak with someone from Hughesnet that can speak english. I wonder how much a 1/2 mile of cable would cost me to install. I think it would be worth it.

  27. Wild Blue hater says:

    Well I use to have Wildblue which is like hughesnet but they restrict the bandwidth usage for per month so in my knowledge of hughes net they are better than Wild Blue.Since I use to go over the FAP on Wild blue I would have to wait a whole month to have my fap reset or pay a huge fee for a token.Hughes net has a token for free unlike Wild Blue from my experience.Plus had more problems with Wild Blue then hughes net. hughes net when I have a problem fix it at a cheaper price instead of paying $100.00 they have an insurance you can buy for 6 dollars which reduces your cost to 30. So go ahead and and say hughes net sucks. I say WILD BLUE sucks worst.

  28. Wild Blue hater says:

    Even if you stay off it for 24 hours

  29. LLOYD says:


  30. Jackie says:

    I was shocked to find out there was a termination fee after we signed up for service! They should be required to tell you that. If you want to watch movies or youtube than you don’t want to pay $60 a month for Hughes net cause all it’s good for is checking your email. My kids had to schedule all of their music down loads for over night and program updates or we would run out of service. Now I have canceled service and can’t get them to terminate me! It was to be cut off on the 15th of Feb and I am still being billed. They tried to use my credit card which I used to sign up with for billing which they are not authorized to use and would have screwed up my bank account! Don’t go there if dialup is all there is in your area it’s better than Hughes net! REALLY!

  31. John Hutchison says:

    This is the worst company. During the summer when the temperature cools down in the afternoon, you lose service. You call them and they tell you that the modem is no good and the warranty just ended and it will be a $125 service charge. Couple of hours later the service will come back. You cannot use any interactive games.
    I finally got a different internet. If it had happened on Monday I would be fine, but since it was day one of a new billing cycle, it cost me $79.99 for a month of service that I don’t need nor want. The new wireless service is at least 10 times faster response time. When I try to call their customer service agent, they tell me, “well you can use the 30 days as a backup service” After the sporadic service I get from them, I needed a dial-up service as a back up for them.

  32. CJ3754 says:

    For anybody saying Hughesnet is the best, your one of the lucky ones. Hughesnet isn’t broadband, it’s dial up that goes to space and back. The speeds are horrible even with 100% on the download meter, let alone when you FAP. Their commercials say they have internet at least 20x dial up speed. Yeah, 0.20x dial up. They tell you nothing of the FAP or slow speeds. The only thing they aren’t lying about is the “available almost anywhere” thing. And at the end of the commercial, they have the audacity to tell us, “Your Welcome.” They have a lot of problems , and a lot of innocent, unknowing people’s money to fix them with. But, they would rather keep all that money, and just keep stealing from all of us.

  33. John Hutchison says:

    The government is trying to get better broadband coverage. Here is a website to determine if you have any choices. http://broadbandmap.gov/ It is how I found the wireless service I gratefully got to replace hughesnet with. If I had canceled on Monday, no problem, since I canceled on Tuesday, cost me for a month of service. They told me that I should just consider their service a back up for a month. I needed a backup for their crap. In the afternoon the temperature drops and I lose service for a couple of hours, even on cloudless blue skied days.

  34. DERPyHERPy says:

    Virtual private networks work to get around FAP, u just need one shared between 50 people and 1000mbs and one the comes with a US IP adress. i downloaded a 13gig file with my vpn at 4PM yesterday on hughnet not Fap’ed

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  36. Brian says:

    We live out of town a good distance and can’t get anything else. This is the 21st century… we should not be dependent on f’n cloud coverage for our technology to work. I am (or at least was) a hard core online gamer. I had to say bye bye to that when we signed up. If I can’t play online games or watch youtube vid’s regularly because of some duche bags, I will just go mad. I’m about ready to just go on a spree and when they catch me, I’ll tell em that my sanity was compromised because of Hughesnet. All I can really do these days is go to work, come home and just sleep since there is literally nothing else to do. We don’t have cable or any kind of TV entertainment…

    • David says:

      Bro, I feel for you man, I would literally be bored out of my mind without Internet! If you don’t mind me asking where exactly do you live?

  37. Hailey Brown says:

    Highesnet are rip offs! They should be extremely ashamed of their selfs! I’m a single mother and I’m fixing to have to pay $400 because they completely tricked me! Their internet was great the first month but after that it went all to hell! I don’t even k is if I can afford the $400 for cancellation. Everyone stay away from Hughesnet they are crooks!!

  38. Mike says:

    We saw the commercials and live in an area that has to have satellite. WTF, hughsnet said they are fast bla bla bla. What a Frikin lie. I hate this crappy company. I can’t watch a 1 min 36 second utube video of George Carland. It keeps stopping, It takes so long to get to the next frame it resets. AHHHHHH!!#!!!#!:!/÷%6#€/

  39. Ron says:

    I have had to suffer through the atrocity that is Hughes internet for about 6 months now. Their customer support is absolutely bottom of the pile, but that’s another complaint. I’ve had satellite internet before, but even among satellite services, Hughes is an absolute disaster. For us, the FAP thing happens at 30 gigs, which takes all of 5 minutes to break through. Even when we’re not restricted by that, then we suffer from upstream and downstream speeds that are so ridiculously slow that it is more practical to use your cell phone for literally *everything*. If i had a choice, i would take ANYTHING else, than have to deal with the mind numbing frustration that is the biggest piece of shit of an internet service provider that ive ever seen.

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  41. Beltman2 says:

    I am totally fed up with Hughesnet’s lies, horrible service, fees, late charges, threats and so on so forth. I am breaking my contract tomorrow and going to cable for less money and hassles and Hughes Net can take their early cancellation fees and shove them up their ass as I will never ever pay them even if it means doing jail time.

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