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That’s right boys and girls, the preorder time for the all new iPhone 4 is just hours away (technically its like 18 hours away) and I’m guessing that within 4 days there will be supply dilemmas. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty damn excited to see this technology hit the mainstream market and really take off. Developers have been hard at work utlizing the new multitasking and 6-gyro axis to bring really amazing apps and games.

On a more personal note, my posting has creeped so slow (this isn’t TUAW or Engadget after all folks lol) due to the volume of projects I’ve taken on. I’ve recently posted the WAT Removal, and am working on the CS5 installation issues with quiet a few of you. Currently I am working in the shadows with EA to resolve some input controller problems, and picked up quiet a few more clients on the other end of business. Just thought I’d update everyone.


Heheh, you know something great is brewing when Apple makes updates, and what do you know, I tried logging in with my account and I was greeted with the:

I know for a fact that one of the updates in the Release Candidate for iOS 4 , can’t wait to test it out!

Quality work, as you can expect from apple.

See the video here

Live from WDC2010, will post coverage as soon as it ends in about 10 min!

Wow, some amazing things were covered today with the iphone 4 release. We’ve all seen the leaked pictures from Gizmodo (no need for a link,  you know where to go), so aesthetically there is no need to really go over the overall design of the body. One thing I will mention regarding the design, is that a lot of people were saying “Oh why does it have the metal band around the edges?” The metal band is actually stainless steel, and it acts as an antenna for the iphone 4. Some people also complained about the compatibility of their old cases and whether or not it will work with the new phone. Your answer is NO. But don’t be cheap, just go out and buy another case for $20-$50.

A part of the Keynote that is hard to grasp with pictures, is the difference in the quality of the LCD being used on the new iphone 4, it uses Retina Display, allowing the screen to display up to 4x that of the current iphone screen (I may be wrong in this fact, my notes are scattered as I tried to keep up with all the information being presented).

As most of you know, the iphone 4 has a front facing and rear facing camera, the rear facing now having a LED flash and is 5 megapixels, with a low light sensitive camera.

The most amazing part is that the new iphone also films in TRUE 720p, and for $4.99 you can buy the imovie app from the app store to edit your movies (titles, transitions, effects) directly from your iphone 4. This is a sad day for the Flip camera!

The front facing camera came as a “Oh one more thing..” towards the end of the keynote, you can now video chat (over wifi currently) to your other friends and family with an iphone 4 via “FaceTime”, and Steve stated that “we are currently working with cellular networks” in order to expand the possibility of being able to do this over your typical cell network.

Some other aspects was the CoreMotion API’s for “extremely precise location” , and Steve spun around on stage with the iphone 4 in his hand and the screen (with wood blocks on it) spun around with him simultaneously.

Also covered was iOS 4 , which is the OS for the new iphone 4, however nothing stunning or amazing was really covered here that we are not already aware of (iads, ibooks etc). Multitasking was covered briefly as well, but again, we were all aware already.

Some of us were expecting to hear something about Tmobile or Verizon availability but most of us know that the official contractual agreement between Apple and At&t is not up until next year (around this same time) , so sorry folks, if your waiting because of carriers….keep waiting.

I am still here and will be updating this throughout the day, so I am sure I missed points here and there, I took over 500 photos so bear with me! Make sure to check back often!

If your here then your very familiar with Microsoft’s tactic with their “new” WAT (Windows Activation Technologies). In reality it isn’t new at all, it’s basically a rendition (maybe in name alone) of Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage.

So I could bore you all with tech talk behind the changes made to the protection technologies incorporated into MS7, but why drag you through the mundane shit, it’s not what you want me to chat about. Your here because you recently did an update to your legitimate or illegitimate Windows 7 installation and now you have an annoying popup (or an overlay on the bottom right hand side of your screen) that tells you that” This windows copy is not Genuine”.

Now when that appear your probably thinking one of two things:

1. “Dude, I paid for my copy, I bought this from Best Buy and w-t-f, now I have to call MS and wait on hold for this to check out correctly? or worse “I just upgraded some parts in my puter and now it’s not legit?”


2. “Im a mutha fckin pirate, slap a patch on my eye, and give me my digital booty, arggg!”

Which ever one you are, you both have the same problem, and here’s how to fix it.

The update that caused all this calamity was a slipped in update a few months back, though you may have just updated recently to evoke this. The update was :

Update KB971033

(loud booing emanates from the masses)

Don’t begin to think this was an end all solution, it seems that how fast they rolled this out, this is only a small speedbump in the span of attempting to keep Win7 non pirated.

So here’s the solution, you need to download a WAT removal tool, and what do you know, I just happen to have a link to that right here:


MIRROR 2 (If first link doesn’t work)

Torrent Download

Now I can’t take credit, this is a Hazar release, and let me tell you, if your not familiar with the cracker scene, this guy is considered a god.

I’ve messed with several WAT Removal apps out there, but this one seems to do the trick well.

I will as always offer any advice as needed, just post comments below 🙂 I’m at WDC2010 right now watching the new iphone 4 being announced, so I have to go, I may not have covered all so sorry if it sounds like I’m in a rush, cause I am!!