Are you ready? :) Iphone 4 preorder just hours away

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Google

That’s right boys and girls, the preorder time for the all new iPhone 4 is just hours away (technically its like 18 hours away) and I’m guessing that within 4 days there will be supply dilemmas. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty damn excited to see this technology hit the mainstream market and really take off. Developers have been hard at work utlizing the new multitasking and 6-gyro axis to bring really amazing apps and games.

On a more personal note, my posting has creeped so slow (this isn’t TUAW or Engadget after all folks lol) due to the volume of projects I’ve taken on. I’ve recently posted the WAT Removal, and am working on the CS5 installation issues with quiet a few of you. Currently I am working in the shadows with EA to resolve some input controller problems, and picked up quiet a few more clients on the other end of business. Just thought I’d update everyone.



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