Killing some common Myths & Gossip (in tech)

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Apple, Funny, Google, Opinions and Rants
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Hey folks! Let’s not talk about how busy I’ve been and dive right into this shit. 🙂

iPhone 4 , it’s great, it’s everything I expected it to be, and at the same time, it isn’t. I know, kind of a contradiction right? It does everything very well, it clobbers all other smart-phones out there, seriously it does. I know that some of my Blackberry friends and HTC buddies say shit like,  “but my phone can take video and pictures and blah blah”. And they’d be correct, their phones do. However, taking TRUE 720p HD video, and having it be fast to acquire initial capture  (quick startup) and smooth filming (not all choppy when moving the camera) they don’t do so well (little side note for your brain munchies, the competition DOESN’T film in HD…period).

The infamous “Death Grip” is complete rubbish, I’ve tried holding the phone in every possible angle, finger combination, one hand and two hands (oh and I do this when I TALK and DRIVE by the way bastards). I cannot replicate the dropped bars what-so-ever..soooo, let’s move on.

Let’s talk about the commonly used abbreviation FTW. I’m not sure how these teens came up with the reeeeeeeediculous idea that it stands for: “For the WIN!” . No no no no…  no. You sound like some down syndrome kid tripping across the finish line ribbon at the Special Olympics, complete with drool and a kool aid stain. FTW derived waaaay before that, from 2001 to be exact, by a band called Tiger Army, an ecliptic combination of punk/rockabilly (which totally kicks ass!) and stands for “Fuck The World“. So everytime one of you twittering facebook boogers posts, “I just totally souped up my dads mustang with headers FTW!” , most people think that you are saying, “I just totally souped up my dads mustang FUCK THE WORLD!” . Poor confused children.

Oooh this one is gonna be a doozy. (I know who says “doozy”? )  the most infamous remark I hear from the un-informed, “Yah Mac’s are nice but they are really for graphics and artists, not practical for my work/office“. Wow, just wow, if they gave out “I just repeat shit I’ve heard without really looking into it” awards, you’d be the winner for sure. That comment had it’s place, I’ll give it that, about 12 years ago. Most PC aficionados still don’t realize that all Apple computers, use the exact same hardware (by Intel) inside them.  Now granted most of you know that I am an indefatigable apple guy, but as they say in the streets, “let me kick you some knowledge lil homie“. *Takes a deep breath..

First as I stated Apple uses the same speedy hardware inside them, from the lowly basic student macbook, to the James Cameron Hollywood editing Mac Pro. All Intel goodness (ATI & Nvidia notwithstanding)

Secondly, you might retort back with, ” but my office software doesn’t work on a mac” , and I could reply back with “my reliability, stability and ability to complete work projects without crashing just doesn’t work on a PC“. Ok ok I’m being cheeky, but honestly there are numerous options to have your PC software trucking along on a Mac, Parallels is one, and a quick search for virtualization software for mac will return some results, VMware Fusion is another. And again another common myth that pops up from that response is, “yah but it’s sooo slow on my mac“, and that my friend is a thing of the past as well. If your running at least 8gb of ram (why the hell wouldn’t you be? it’s cheap) then running Mac OS snow leopard and Windows 7 ultimate, have absolutely no problem. I do it all the time (albeit I started with 8gb and moved up to 16gb since I use heavy RAM intensive apps). Dual booting (the ability to run both Windows AND Mac natively) is always an option as well.

Third, the Mac has made a huge shift in its target users. Microsoft office has been on the Mac for quiet some time now and unlike its PC brother, it doesn’t crash every time you have a deadline due in a few hours. However I promise that once you use Apple’s version of “Office” (iwork) you’ll never look back (until you get an email from someone who still uses the garbage and your forced to). The “holier than thou” mentality of artists and designers and mac users comes from solid reasoning, and I will admit, I use BOTH in my day to day work and tasks. My PC makes a killer gaming machine, but it also kills my mac with the i7 980x, and 24gb of ddr 3 2000mhz, but you know (if you DO know lol) that it’s a lethal combination of hardware, not for your average Joe Sixpack down the block. However….however… [pause for effect] when I have a tight deadline, I use the souped up iMac 27″, because it’s more stable and reliable, and I just need shit to work.

Adobe software for artists, is on both platforms, and both platforms have great video editing software (though I prefer Final Cut Pro), so the “artist and designers only” comment needs to go, it’s just not suitable anymore.

There is no right click on the Mac. Boy o’ boy did you graduate from the school of special (meaning not suitable for society) children.  There has been a right click (alt click) on the Mac since its creation,  in the last few years they actually put the physical button on the mouse for you specially challenged people. Before there was a actual button, you just held down ALT (or option) and clicked, voila right click. Now with the last 4-6 years (and more recently with the magic mouse) you’ve had an actual right click button. Yes you still get to pet the rabbits Lenny.

Yours truly,



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