Haven’t had internet connectivity for almost 2 weeks now :(

Posted: January 17, 2011 in General Area
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I just moved to downtown LA. I mean the heart of DTLA, and I was shocked that my newly renovated building, has no immediate internet solutions. The only option I *do* have is the completely shitty At&t UVERSE, which is 6mbs down and 512kbs or something pathetic “up”. A friend of mine has a loft here as well and I tested his Uverse connection and was dismayed that I could only max out at 550kbps download speeds, which is absolutely horrid.

I’ve been spoiled with my 60mbps down 15mbps up speeds, and installable within 24 hoursm that were available in the suburbs 😦 .

Uverse is compared to DSL speeds in this situation, and although UVERSE does offer 24mbps speeds, it is not yet available in DTLA…

So my fellow blogosphere cohorts, it seems that I’ll be light on blogging for a couple more days as I have been for the last two weeks or so. Truly…my apologies.


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