So I’ve already started receiving concerned pirates out there about whether or not to download and install the latest SP1 for Win7 which if I am correct, dropped on the 22n….errr today. I’m going to jump the gun before even I install it on my singular PC system, and say that I would believe it to be quiet safe. Microsoft has learned in the last few years that even upsetting users of Windows who didn’t pay for a copy, isn’t a good idea.

Sure there may always be a small intrusive little star that pops up and reminds you that your copy is in fact not genuine, but there are always people like me out there that create ways for you to remove them. 🙂

Sometime this weekend amidst the madness of editing more video, converting PSD’s to XHTML, and testing a new eCommerce site I built for a friend, I will set aside my 5 hour energy drink and install SP1 and report back on my findings. I really hope that there were fixes to dropping connections when connecting to windows via SMB, and I’m crossing my fingers, though unlikely for a lost cause, and am hoping that there is major fixes to Optical Audio device handling, because right now it’s shitty at best.

For those of you that have installed SP1 for Win 7, if your having problems let everyone else know. Since I linked my facebook to my blog I noticed a lot of you post comments there instead of here, so lets try to keep the comments on the blog 🙂

UPDATE: Installing SP1 went very well, not hiccups or issues, and no problems with annoying “Not genuine” popups for a “non-official” version of Windows 7 on a test system. Depending on how you obtained your copy of Win7 and how you cracked it, your results may vary. I know that Daz’s and Hazar loaders do a pretty damn good job at retaining the copy of Windows as “legit” so if that’s how you cracked it, you should be fine. There are several versions floating around the torrent sites that come pre-cracked and I can’t confirm or deny that those will have the same results, but I think we would all like to hear if anyone is having problems (or if your not).




UPDATE: A full two days later and I was greeted by the “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” on the bottom right hand side of my screens. If your a Win7 ULTIMATE user, then simply download THIS , double click and run, the program will auto reboot you, and you should be good to go. For Win7 users that are NOT running Ultimate, Try downloading older Hazar or Daz loaders and re-applying the crack. As always if your having problems drop me a comment and I’ll walk you through it.

  1. Alex says:

    did you get rounud to checking if it is safe to download the sp1 for win7

    • David says:

      Hi Alex, yes I actually installed this morning. I didn’t notice anything intrusive, no pop ups or updates to Authentication, however keep in mind that there are several different methods that were/are used to thwart Windows Genuine Advantage. I personally have recommended using a loader, there were two I recommended way back when Win7 first dropped. I do know that now there are pre-cracked versions of Win7 on torrent sites available which requires no further work, so depending on which method your using, your results may vary. On the test system that I tried it on, it was using a Loader from Hazar, but Daz’s is a great one as well. I think in the latest revisions they both have inserted the instructions to remove potentially harmful (to a pirate) updates.

  2. AP says:

    I have Win 7 x64 Ultimate, no SP! yet. I can’t even remember which version I used, but it’s been perfect so far. Will that Hazar link above work for me? Maybe you can provide links for all the different versions of Win7. thx

  3. chandu says:

    hi i am using windows 7 ultimate. this is a pirated one. can i install service pack 1 on my pc.

  4. tsukitenshi says:

    Hi David.

    I’m running Win 7 Ultimate 32bit and updated to SP1 the other day. When the “not genuine” notice popped up, I uninstalled it and have been trying various methods to get rid of the popup and the watermark on my desktop but haven’t succeeded. I also tried the method that you have posted up and that also didn’t work for me. Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

    • David says:

      I did some more testing, 32 bit shouldn’t vary from 64 bit, as well as after I tested with different win 7 versions, the loaders /should/ override the update and make the notice disappear. However since it is still popping up for you, you might want to use the other loader, and make sure it’s ran as an administrator, then reboot, if this doesn’t work let me know and I will help you further

      Cheers 🙂

      • tsukitenshi says:

        It’s me again 🙂

        I’ve tried all the loaders yet nothing has worked. One of the loaders wouldn’t work as it said there was already a crack installed (which is probably from when I used one to remove the security update when I first installed Win7). Any suggestions?

        Many thanks 🙂

      • David says:

        Which loader did you use originally? In my blog (and forgive me for not backlinking it directly because I’m replying from my mobile) there is a post on a necessary update removal, if it is not removed the genuine notification always seems to pop back up. Search my blog for “kb” or “update” and it should pop up, as soon as I’m back on my computer I’ll link it directly if not 🙂

      • tsukitenshi says:

        Hey David! I can’t seem to find the post that you’re talking about. I have removed KB971033 a while ago so I’m sure this instance is because of the recent SP.

        The one I used a year ago was RemoveWAT (from here I’m guessing I need to find a way to remove that first?

      • David says:

        Here you go 🙂


        If this is the same update that you have blocked already then just let me know, I’l hop on AIM, or skype or whatever chat client you use and help you out 🙂

      • tsukitenshi says:

        Sorry for replying late! But yes, that’s the update I blocked the first time so I’m not quite sure what it is this time!

        My AIM is anim3xangel but I won’t be online until this weekend. Once you let me know you’ve added me, I’ll delete this post so I won’t get spambots adding me. Cheers!

  5. Negleh says:

    Thanks bro, I been looking for something about this situation for a few weeks. I guess I might throw the SP1 on in a bit then.

  6. Negleh says:

    Never mind, it installed without any problem 😉

  7. Derik says:

    So that activator allows service pack 1 to be installed or does it screw up the activation in windows permanently regardless?

    • David says:

      The daz and hazar activators allow you to install SP1 with no problems afterwards. Most of the pirated copies of Win 7 utilized the daz and hazar loaders, since there embedded in the install dvd/cd that you can download from torrent sites, most users just are not aware of it. When you install SP1 sometimes it triggers authentication and you simply need to reinstall the daz and hazar loaders to correct it. But to answer your question simply, yes SP1 is fine to install on a pirated or cracked copy of any Win 7.

  8. Nicole says:

    I have windows 7 ultimate, tried using the linked activation removal above, its still saying my copy isnt genuine. Any advice?

  9. basil says:

    hi guys!

  10. basil says:

    I am running win7 ultimate 32bit and a few weeks ago i installed from win updates the sp1 kb976932. since then my system does not works properly and i would like to ask … do i have to activate with some way the sp1 ? am i ok only installed the win update?Also i do not have pop ups about the windows are not a genuine version….
    thanks in advance !

  11. navin00 says:

    Hey David i am using win7 ultimate RTM version and cracked it with orbit30 crack,can i update my win7 to sp1 without any problem or i have to use another crack, as i have many important softwares and many more things installed in my computer i don’t want to format it.
    I am not sure but i think sp1 is please help..

    • David says:

      I am aware of the orbit30 however I have not personally tested it so I can’t vouch the safety of any complications arising from updating to SP1, however…. I can say safely that if you update to SP1 , and *if* you do encounter a problem, you’ll easily be able to fix it with hazar or daz’s loaders, which both have an SP1 update, so to answer your question yes you can Update 🙂

  12. navin00 says:

    Hey David,
    I just found a new crack by Daz’s ver. is 2.00, is this crack will go fine with my Windows 7?
    Or i should try your posted Activator by Hazar’s.
    And should i uninstall the orbit30 crack which i m using right now or overwrite by the activatoru have posted or Daz’s crack ver.200..?

    • David says:

      Go ahead and use Daz’s as he recently updated it, you won’t have to uninstall orbit30 it’ll be fine if you just install over it 🙂

  13. Matt says:

    Hello,i know this is late post,but i need to ask.
    If i ever use windows loader for win ultimate 64x bit,will it safely download sp1?

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