Hello everyone! If you’ve noticed I’ve again been slow on the blogging the last couple weeks, and I have to yet again apologize for the delays. So many projects and jobs to work on, sometimes I feel like a hexacore CPU with all threads loaded!

I’ve been working on a personal project though, which is very rare! As many of my readers know I am a passionate filmmaker and I am usually filming or editing when I’m not geeking out. I have another site at www.HomelessInterviews.com and it’s the project site for my upcoming documentary film called “Project H.i.”.

I just launched my Kickstarter project so I’m asking every dedicated reader to check it out and support me as I have supported all of you!

You can go directly to my Kickstarter campaign by clicking HERE.

Thanks for supporting the blog, and especially for supporting me, I couldn’t do it without the community!

-David Leach aka “exempt”


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