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Ever wonder why you didn’t get invited to the last “party bus” event that all your uber cool friends happened to all be at? Sitting and clicking refresh hundreds of times trying to find that ex who you lost touch with? Yah me either, but if you are one of those individuals there is a grand little app for you. UnFriend Finder not only displays a notification when someone unfriends you, but also when someone ignores your request, so you can put that asshole in the spotlight! It is not retroactive so you won’t see activity that occurred before you installed the app, but it can tell you about your friends who have removed their facebook accounts and are no longer active. For all the fun times ahead and drama with it, click the link 🙂


I know I’m late but in case you missed it the first time around this morning, iOS 4.3 is here bringing some pretty nice changes. Here’s the rundown, some information from

Personal Hotspot:

“…Personal Hotspot — Verizon iPhone users have had access to the feature before now, but as of iOS 4.3, AT&T users can find the hotspot feature under the Network tab, inside the General Settings app on the iPhone. Note that while Personal Hotspot makes it possible for you to share a network connection with a computer, either over Bluetooth, a USB connection, or now over Wi-Fi, there is an extra charge on AT&T, and your phone will ask you to sign up for that service if you haven’t yet.

AT&T calls the service DataPro with Tethering, and it will cost you an extra $45 a month, allowing up to 4 GB of bandwidth, and extra charges beyond that for more. That’s not cheap, but if you are often in places where you have to depend on your phone for an internet connection, it could be worth it.

To use the service itself, you just jump into that Settings screen, set up a password, and then connect from your computer as you would any other Wi-Fi network. The hotspot works with up to three connections via Wi-Fi at a time, so you and two friends can access the internet from anywhere, right through your iPhone.”
Airplay update:

“4.3’s AirPlay allows playback of videos straight from the iPhone’s Camera Roll, meaning that your snapshots and quick clips can be shared immediately. Websites that show H.264 video in Safari can stream to Apple TV as well, which is sure to be useful. Third-party app support is there too, and though it may take a little while for the developer community to catch up the possibilities are vast and very cool (Hulu, anyone?).

In addition to the wireless streaming magic of AirPlay, wired video playback gets a boost with iOS 4.3. The new version allows for “720p HD video playback from the Videos app, iPod app, Photos, YouTube, Safari, Keynote, and enabled third-party apps on an HDMI display,” meaning that you’ll need one of Apple’s new Digital Adapters to make the magic.”
Message Alert Options:

iOS 4.3 also brings some subtle changes to the way message alerts work. The settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals, which will come in handy if you’re away from your iPhone for awhile and miss a text.

Most of the 17 new (iPhone 4-only) text tones introduced in iOS 4.2 have been retooled. These new tones were quite lengthy before iOS 4.3, with some of them seeming more suited to a ringtone than a text message alert. 11 of the tones have been dramatically shortened and/or sped up — including Noir, which I thought was short enough to begin with — while six tones remain at roughly the same length they were before iOS 4.3.

Most tones are now less than a second long, and they sound much less overdriven, too; several of the new tones were so loud in iOS 4.2 that they sounded distorted through the iPhone 4’s speaker. That’s no longer an issue now as far as I can tell.

Another subtle change that you might not even notice at first: vibration alerts for messages have been changed up. Before, new messages had the same, brief vibration as the new mail alert. As of iOS 4.3, new text messages will instead give two sharp and quite noticeable vibratory pulses.

We’re unsure if the new tones have made it to the iPhone 3GS as of iOS 4.3; they weren’t available on the older iPhone in iOS 4.2, so chances are they’re still iPhone 4-only.

MLB NBA as streaming content

(Yaaawn) I guess this will appeal to some of you, forgive me if I save the confetti for another announcement.

“…additions of MLB.TV and NBA Game Time as streaming content options. Subscribers to these services (starting at $20/mo for the baseball side, and $65 for the NBA season) get streaming video of games, on-demand content and more. It’s a big step towards enabling the Apple TV as a digital hub for the living room — although, as pointed out, the Roku and Boxee devices have had this capability for a while (not to mention the Sony PS3).

Beyond the new streaming content, the update includes 5.1 Dolby sound for Netflix streaming, an improved onscreen keyboard, new slideshow themes, and the souped-up AirPlay feature to work with iOS 4.3 devices. Lots to enjoy!”

So I’ve already started receiving concerned pirates out there about whether or not to download and install the latest SP1 for Win7 which if I am correct, dropped on the 22n….errr today. I’m going to jump the gun before even I install it on my singular PC system, and say that I would believe it to be quiet safe. Microsoft has learned in the last few years that even upsetting users of Windows who didn’t pay for a copy, isn’t a good idea.

Sure there may always be a small intrusive little star that pops up and reminds you that your copy is in fact not genuine, but there are always people like me out there that create ways for you to remove them. 🙂

Sometime this weekend amidst the madness of editing more video, converting PSD’s to XHTML, and testing a new eCommerce site I built for a friend, I will set aside my 5 hour energy drink and install SP1 and report back on my findings. I really hope that there were fixes to dropping connections when connecting to windows via SMB, and I’m crossing my fingers, though unlikely for a lost cause, and am hoping that there is major fixes to Optical Audio device handling, because right now it’s shitty at best.

For those of you that have installed SP1 for Win 7, if your having problems let everyone else know. Since I linked my facebook to my blog I noticed a lot of you post comments there instead of here, so lets try to keep the comments on the blog 🙂

UPDATE: Installing SP1 went very well, not hiccups or issues, and no problems with annoying “Not genuine” popups for a “non-official” version of Windows 7 on a test system. Depending on how you obtained your copy of Win7 and how you cracked it, your results may vary. I know that Daz’s and Hazar loaders do a pretty damn good job at retaining the copy of Windows as “legit” so if that’s how you cracked it, you should be fine. There are several versions floating around the torrent sites that come pre-cracked and I can’t confirm or deny that those will have the same results, but I think we would all like to hear if anyone is having problems (or if your not).




UPDATE: A full two days later and I was greeted by the “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” on the bottom right hand side of my screens. If your a Win7 ULTIMATE user, then simply download THIS , double click and run, the program will auto reboot you, and you should be good to go. For Win7 users that are NOT running Ultimate, Try downloading older Hazar or Daz loaders and re-applying the crack. As always if your having problems drop me a comment and I’ll walk you through it.

GreenpoisOn has released a update for jailbreaking up to 4.2.1 . The latest release can also jailbreak your appleTV if you wish to do so. Just click the link and follow the included instructions. I’d say this is as safe as it comes… but then again, there is always that one person who just can’t seem to get it working right. Download it HERE , just select your OS.


Better touch tool is a tiny app that does so much for an Mac user. It adds more touch gestures and touch locations to your magic trackpad, magic mouse, or trackpad (and add shortcuts with keyboard).  It also adds windows snapping (the feature in windows 7) . Best of all it’s FREE. You can download it HERE and setting it up is extremely easy.

Just select which device you want to configure and then select whether you want a gesture or keyboard shortcut or mouse shortcut, it really can’t be any easier…but I’ll say it… if you need help you can always find the help here.



A long long time ago I had reviewed Aviary software suite and praised it for its ability for it’s artistic ability in their software suite. What appeals the most about Aviary software, is that it truly was made ahead of it’s time. Think of Aviary Tools as the open source (free) CS4 suite. Creation on the fly, from where ever your sit your bottom at (with internet access). Before we were using terms like “cloud computing”, Aviary was pushing there tools, to be able to manipulate vectors and photo effects, image editing, even an audio editor, all from the web, that’s pretty fucking powerful.

When I wrote the review, it was still in BETA, and some of the apps were limited in functionality and ability, and worst of all, they planned on charging for it. This was a huge turnoff, like having a beautiful woman with a full package, yet she plans on getting genital warts. Yah exactly…  Well some smart business minded folks over at Aviary decided that charging customers would be a turnoff (possibly Mozilla? jk) and now Google has acquired them and it is included in Google Apps! To a reader of my blog that typically reads the political satire and rants, this may not be a big deal to you, but trust me, it truly is. Aviary allows a user to log into their software tools from anywhere with net access, and modify photos, paint, draw, create, design, edit audio,  I mean the list goes on. And did I already say it’s FREE?

Ok so I can’t say I will be leaving CS4 anytime soon, and there is an obvious learning curve, but you do have the ability to do some creative damage with Aviary Tools, and it is pretty powerful. The online community behind Aviary is strong, knowledgeable, and friendly, so if you get lost or have questions, you will be able to ask and receive answers from people who already know what there doing. Check out the video after the jump (jk, that is the lamest term bloggers use)

To start using Aviary click here

By now you should know that I am a big fan of Crossloop “Everyone Helps”, software. Not only is it open source which tends to please the crowds, but it is extremely simple and reliable. Recently Crossloop introduced CrossLoop Pro, a paid version which sports a few more features for the “support professionals” @ $99.50 a year. It’s full features over the free version is:

  • Connect to unlimited computers with unattended access.
  • Reboot any unattended computer and log back in.
  • Add personalized branding on header & footer of the CrossLoop app.
    See example

    Pro Branding Screenshot
  • Transfer files between your computers.
  • Instantly connect to your customers.
  • Invite customers via e-mail.
The best feature included in Crossloop Pro is the ability to connect to unattended computers, and the reboot and log back in feature. While this does show appeal to me, you have to remember that there are other apps already existing that allow you to do this (albeit they are commonly NOT free or limited in ability). The rest of the features in Crossloop Pro are basic features you would expect to be delivered with VNC software tailored to a business professional that uses it to make money. Is it worth it? Not to me, but think of it this way, all you need to  cover your $99.50 is 2-3 paying clients and you’ve already paid for the Crossloop Pro upgrade. That’s more than fair in my mind.
Crossloop Home was released just a few short hours ago, and I would have to say that it actually is pretty powerful in functionality. Crossloop Home will set you back only $29.50 a year and sports some of the features that Crossloop Pro has, without the “sales pitch” aspect to it. Crossloop Home’s features are:
  • Connect to up to 5 remote computers using unattended access.
  • Experience screen sharing without advertising.
  • Transfer files between your computers.
  • Reboot any unattended computer and log back in.
Like I said, it’s just like Pro without the “sales pitch”. Well worth it at $29.95 a year, that’s not even the cost of a tank of gas, so the next time grandma calls and asks you to fix her AOL account, you don’t have to drive over the river and through the woods to dial her in (no pun intended, who the hell is on dial up these days?) . To justify the cost, as if I even needed to, I’m sure your mum or grandma would be more than willing to put $29.95 in your next bday card.
Coming from CrossLoop, I can assure you that the product will be easy to use, and very reliable. I’m still waiting for my free 2 year subscription to be offered, I’m thinking they may have forgotten me in all the excitement 😉 .
As always, if you need my assistance, you can click the “I CAN HELP” logo on the right hand side of the screen.

I picked one up today from the Apple store, figured I’d give it a spin. It had been looking at me everytime I walked into the Apple store, so I figured what the hell. I asked the Apple sales peeple (yes I spelled people “peeple”, because there just so cute with there non-knowledge, but there Apple peeple so you love them anyways) if anyone had ever actually used one ‘hands on‘. I was met by a few peeple who took interest and told me that they had both tried it a “while back” but these new pen/pads should be the “real deal”.

I set it up, which of course was simple as prom night, and then I took the much to long tutorial that treats you like a retarded monkey (complete with the “good job, you’ve successfully clicked on an icon“) . I immediately opened up Photoshop CS4 and created a new canvas with 2,000 dpi, and a 3k x 3k workspace. I picked up the pen and started to doodle. It was precise, I give it that. Much better than the old Wacom pens I tried about 7 years ago, a world of a difference. However I had more problems with it than I expected.

While it did work fine with my screen space/size (27” flickering iMac) , I should have bought the large Bamboo, not the Medium…so head’s up to any future purchasers. Selecting certain icons on the far left and far right were kind of a pain in the ass.

The pen tool is responsive, however the tip is made of plastic (at least I think it’s plastic) and ever so slightly and minuscule-ly sticks. Not anything drastic, but just ever so slightly enough to mess up intricate details when drawing or sketching. It should be made of metal, that would for sure make it completely fluid with no sticking, and the trackpad, which is also a plastic material, should be glass like the iPhone. This imperfection was enough to totally bomb my Picasso drawing of Tiger Woods caught in the moment of heat.

A major annoyance and one I can’t figure out why it was added, was that you don’t have to touch the pen to the pad in order to move the cursor, it works from a half inch away. This is ok when you want to move the cursor around the desktop but it also moves the pointer an inch before hitting the pad and then moving an inch back to start drawing once you actually place the tip on the pad.

I doodled for a good hour in Photoshop CS4 before I became extremely bored and irritated that I couldn’t fluidly move about without tapping a palette button by accident, and couldn’t draw straight lines or sketch well. At times my hand would accidentally touch the (touch responsive) touch pad, moving the pointer or popping a menu up, which drove me completely nuts. I’m sure there is a feature in the settings to turn this off (pen only mode I figure) but whatever.

So next I attempted to mess around with the multi-touch pad feature. Zoom in & out, rotate pictures, browse back and forth through web pages with the flick of one or two fingers, scroll up and down web pages. Then I realized something. My Magic Mouse does all of this (minus the rotating the pictures, which on my Macbook pro it can). It also was not very responsive to my touch (but the ladies tell me that I definitely “have the touch”). Rotating the pictures in preview kinda worked 70% of the time. Same with the two finger zoom in & out, it kinda worked. Nothing as close to the iPhones touch responsiveness.

For a $108 bucks, it’s a great price for what it can do, and if your just using it to sign signatures, or doodle for high school, sure it works just fine. It is a quality constructed device, and it looks damn sexy, but for a professional artist, or a hardcore enthusiast, I’d suggest trying a higher end model, not in the Wacom Bamboo product line (this is a more standard consumer line), but in the professional series instead. The large Bamboo uses the same touch and pen device, just the touch pad area is increased, so expect the same results.

For everyone else, buy a Magic Mouse, and if you already have one, your good to go. I’m taking this back tomorrow.

If you don’t know what Thunderbird is, your probably not a techie…bu that’s ok. It took about 2 years before everyone caught on to Firefox, I remember people complaining about how Firefox wouldn’t display certain (outdated) websites properly years ago, and it’s the same people that praise it now. Thunderbird is another Mozilla Foundation open source (free) app, it is an email client, much like, but much better, than Outlook.

There is a slew of features that make it such a great app:

* Just like  Firefox, your email client, has tabbed browsing, open up 10 emails at once and just browse through your tabs

*Advanced Search features, the GREATEST, is when I’m searching for content within an email, and have about 40k emails to look through, Thunderbird 3.0 does an excellent jobs of finding the correct results in lighting speed.

*Add-ons! Yup just like Firefox, you can install add-ons like Lightning, the calendar add-on for Thunderbird, you can even skin Thunderbird to look exactly like Outlook…if you like outlook.

*Mass preview – Highlight all your emails, and instantly, it will preview the first few sentences of each email, almost like a RSS feed!

*Specify Outgoing SMTP servers, this is BIG. I have 18 email addresses, and in outlook and the old Thunderbird, you could only actively use ONE smtp outgoing server for all your outgoing email, this would cause collisions with some IMAP email addresses, like Gmail…say goodbye to that, just select the email account, and change the outgoing server, per email addy!

* Easier to setup! Though I favor manual setting up, the new Thunderbird has a nice GUI and easy to use setup interface.

*Signature image, It’s been ages since I’ve used Entourage or Outlook, but I remember you would not be able to select and image (jpeg, png, gif) as your signature, Thunderbird is capable of it, actually, it has been from the start.

*Send actually means SEND. Do I need to explain this one?

*It just works. Thunderbird works, and its fast, and ultra lightweight (doesn’t take up a huge amount of hdd space, or system resources)

*Mac, PC, Linux…whatever you use

Try it out, it’s worth it and it’s FREE

A lot, let me repeat a LOT of people are having issues when installing Adobe CS4 (and now CS5 as well) onto their PC’s and MAC’s, during installation (Checking System Profile)  it “freezes” at 90% I say “freezes” with parenthesis because it technically doesn’t freeze, the process just never continues. Ok, so your here because you have this issue and you don’t want to hear the BS…so here goes the solution… It isn’t because of Adobe Flash, it isn’t because of a trial installation of CS4 or CS3. It’s the lame ass stupid fckin anti-piracy check. Here’s how to solve the problem and install your legit OR pirated copy (Shadyman) or whatever version you have.

First:You must un-install prior installations of CS4 (or CS5), attempting to do so by Windows Control Panel>Add remove programs (or Programs & Features in Vista) , results in FAILURE, the stupid shit just doesn’t remove. (Mac users use APPZAP)

So go HERE and download the uninstall app from Adobe, BUT before you run it, Windows user must download and install (then restart your computer) “Windows Uninstaller something or other utility” (Link is included in the PDF in the uninstaller program from Adobe ) Trust me, you can’t skip this step. 😉  my fellow MAC users, the process is almost identical, except well, you won’t use Windows uninstaller something or other, you’ll use the MAC version, which the link is included as well in the same location above.

Second: you run the Windows/Mac uninstaller utility, it will ask for a restart, sooo Restart…once your back in Windows (or Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard) , run the Adobe uninstaller utility, it is a Command prompt box in windows, and I haven’t run it in MAC sooo I imagine it to be a terminal utility. It will ask if you want to remove Adobe CS3 or CS4 or CS5, I just chose to remove everything. (I know it’s scary because it just so happens that you have a deadline to meet tomorrow and don’t want to risk uninstalling everything…we all have that same deadline lol) Once its done uninstalling (it took like 10 minutes),  go into Control Panel and run windows default uninstall (add/remove programs , Programs & features in Vista) , Mac users, your pretty much ready for the next step after a restart.

Back into windows/Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard, DISCONNECT from the INTERNET completely, I say this because some people don’t pay attention that if they disc0nnect a LAN line, sometimes a wireless signal is picked up and again, your connected to the internet, just disable all NIC or wifi ports completely. Mac users, disable Airport, disconnect Cat5 cable, This applies for genuine versions as well as pirated versions! Once you’ve done all this, now run the installation

Since you’ve most likely watched the install a thousand times by now, your going to be anticipating the installer to freeze again at 90%, and for some funny reason, it will pause on 90% for about 45 seconds, but this time, IT CONTINUES!, go ahead and proceed with the installation, once its done:

Legitimate users:once the install is completed, you can register (if you want), and plug/turn on/enable the internet and your done 🙂

Pirated users:Once install is complete, it asks to register, obviously you don’t want to do that, close it and exit installation , DO NOT RUN CS4 components yet, install your crack, either the .exe replacements, or the activation disabler, or whatever crack you have, THEN run a CS4 or CS5 component. After this, you can plug/turn on/enable the Internet and your done 🙂

UPDATES: Seems like a lot more people run into this problem than I anticipated, here are some more solutions if the one I provided didn’t work, these have been submitted by visitors 🙂

Submitted by: “Flasher”

I tried this and worked fine…


(1) Attempt to install Flash CS4 upgrade normally (clicking setup.exe). You probably already did this…so you can actually skip…

(2) Go to control panel, add/remove programs and you should see Flash Professional CS4 in the program list. Leave the control panel up, you will need this later…

(3) Navigate to the following folder on your hard drive: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\a68eec966ce913ddaa63251dc82ed31\resources\common\scripts

(4) Locate a file called “ContainerProxy.js” open it with a text editor (E.G.: Notepad).

(5) Go to line 1102 or simply search for: “jsonObj = _jsonToObject(window.external.SetSessionInitialized(initValue));” and replace this line with: “jsonObj = _jsonToObject(SetSessionInitialized(initValue));”

(6) Save the file by pressing [Strg]+S or use the menu: Menu -> File Save.

(7) Go back to the Control Panel

(8.) Highlight software being installed (Flash CS4 )

(9) Reinitialize the installation by clicking on the change/remove button.

(10) Setup should now work as normal.

Another Solution:

Submitted by : Pablo & The Shadow of Destruction

For Mac users:
Block all connections to with little snitch!  (I recommend using Terminal and manually adding the servers to block IP’s. Little Snitch is an annoying app   -Exempt)

edit /etc/hosts before installing

How to:

Step 1 – Open Terminal and paste in:
sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts  ALTERNATIVELY YOU CAN USE THIS:
sudo pico /etc/hosts
(Hit return and type in your admin password)

Step 2 – In TextEdit add new lines:
and save it.

Step 3 – leo: Open Terminal again and paste in:
sudo dscacheutil -flushcache
(Hit return and type in your admin password)

tiger: lookupd -flushcache

Another Solution:

Submitted by: “JP”


PC Users, i have a copy of CS4, i tried everything here, nothing happend, so this is what i did:

My copy has a DVD and 2 cds, i needed to extract the DVD to a folder “Adobe CS4″ and create folder “payloads” in “Adobe CS4″ and extract cd1 and cd2 in that folder, then run setup.exe.

So i move the complete “Adobe CS4″ folder to desktop, downloaded diskcleaner, run it, delete everything, turn off my wireless connection and run setup.exe again, it reaches 100% in 30 seconds!!.


Another Solution:

Submitted by: “Dubs”

This worked for me.

Only part that I needed to do something different is the following:

Go to line 1102 or simply search for: “jsonObj = _jsonToObject(window.external.SetSessionInitialized(initValue));”

(I couldnt find this so I did a search for: setsessioninitialized)
It found the line and then replaced it with:

jsonObj = _jsonToObject(SetSessionInitialized(initValue));


(1) Attempt to install Flash CS4 upgrade normally (clicking setup.exe). You probably already did this…so you can actually skip…

(2) Go to control panel, add/remove programs and you should see Flash Professional CS4 in the program list. Leave the control panel up, you will need this later…

(3) Navigate to the following folder on your hard drive: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\a68eec966ce913ddaa63251dc82ed31\resources\common\scripts

(a68eec966ce913ddaa63251dc82ed31 — It might be under a different name, just go into the folder and you will soon know if it’s the correct one or not.)

(4) Locate a file called “ContainerProxy.js” open it with a text editor (E.G.: Notepad).

(5) Go to line 1102 or simply search for: “jsonObj = _jsonToObject(window.external.SetSessionInitialized(initValue));” and replace this line with: “jsonObj = _jsonToObject(SetSessionInitialized(initValue));”


(6) Save the file by pressing [Strg]+S or use the menu: Menu -> File Save.

(7) Go back to the Control Panel

(8.) Highlight software being installed (Flash CS4 )

(9) Reinitialize the installation by clicking on the change/remove button.

Another Solution:

Submitted by “Lord Hellfire”

First of all. Disconnect the Internet, or better, set up a firewall to permanently block all communication with for the programs… I simply dare not let it update anything, as that may screw up the installation. I have little faith in Adobe’s abilities to keep CS3 and CS4 running smoothly after updating. (And no. It’s not a pirated version. I’m just not eager to go through this three day hell again)

Read through the entire text before you try it yourself, as the solution at the bottom may be what also works for you and then it would be senseless to go through all these steps first… ;)

First of all, open a command prompt and type: change user /install
This enters the user profile into an Installation mode (Server 2008 R2, remember?), which permits more changes to the registry, than even “run as administrator” does.

Installing CS3 (I installed this AFTER I managed to get CS4 installed):
– See fixes for CS4 regarding unreadable registry keys. No need to check log, as installer shows you which keys.
– CS3 has quite a lot more of these unreadable keys in Server 2008, than CS4 does.

Installing CS4:
If something goes wrong and the installer will not initialize (stays at 90% for more than a few minutes), close the installer and do the following:
– Open the log file (unpack the .log.gz with winrar)
Located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\
– Check the bottom of the log.
– Some registry keys will be noted as unreadable.
– Search for these HEX keys and change the parent and subkey ownerships to ‘Administrators’.
– Then add ‘Administrators’ as users with full rights on the subkeys.
– Remove any Adobe installation (Setup and any CS3/CS4 related installations) using Windows Installer Cleanup.
Download WIC here:
– Run the CS4 Clean script. (requires WIC)
Download CS4 IC here:
– Delete the Program files(x86)/Common files/Adobe folder.
– If other Adobe programs use the Adobe folder, you may damage them, but they are a helluvalot easier to reinstall than CS3 and CS4.
– Reboot and try installation again. (Remember to ‘change user /install’ in a command prompt. This state changes whenever you log off, reboot or successfully complete an installation)

If it still fails/hangs at 90% for more than a few minutes, even after 10+ tries, then try this last simple workaround which worked for me… although I can only guess as to why…
– Start Internet Explorer.
– Start installation.
– Installer now completes the initialization beyond the 90%.
– Close Internet Explorer, when installer requests this.

Yet another submission from a commentor:

For all those who overlooked the fact that there actually are applications for Mac OS X which come with an uninstaller and tried to delete CS3/4 by dragging it into the trash: after running the clean script (as I did), it is not possible to use the uninstaller anymore (in case you haven’t emptied your trash yet and recovered the uninstaller files). If you try to reinstall the whole thing then, the installer will “freeze” at about 90%. The solution is to delete the “Adobe”-Folder in “/Library/ApplicationSupport”

As of April 8th 2010, I still do provide support for the install of CS4, even though we are a few short days away from the release of CS5. I understand most of us don’t rush out to buy the new CS5 and Adobe provides very limited support for CS4 due to this.

Most of the installation problems are caused by the piracy check, conflicting settings with previous Adobe installs, and improper uninstall before attempting to install a new Adobe Suite, so keep in mind you must delete all references to Adobe before getting a new install to work correctly.

**Update** Update** **Update** Update** **Update** Update** **Update** Update** **Update** Update**

Ok so a lot of us have learned that Adobe even with CS5, has not got their shit together still. And to be honest the installer is the exact same, plagued with the exact same issues. I could care less whether or not your using a legitimate copy or pirated, the install issues are just horrible.

The best method for installing whether it’s the ENTIRE CS4 or CS5 suite or just a singular app (like JUST Illustrator), is to disconnect the internet PRIOR to installation, if not, you can actually see that Adobe checks online to update the “blacklisted” serials from the pirated copies floating the web. If your already having problems, which most likely you are, because your reading this, then it gets pretty vanilla here and your options are very limited.

One, you try downloading the Adobe uninstaller tool, and run it, and delete any remnants of the CURRENT suite your trying to install, so if your trying to INSTALL CS5, and have been having problems, then run the tool, DELETE CS5, REBOOT (you MUST REBOOT), and try the install again with the INTERNET DISCONNECTED. If it doesn’t work at this point, and I know this is extreme, but I’d just reformat at this point….yah I said it…reformat the whole f*****in operating system. If your in Vista especially, it’s such a major pain in the ass to nit-pick and attempt to delete registry keys and what not.

Now you may not want to have to go through all of that, the whole reformat process, I don’t blame you, it takes hours even days to get settings back to normal, and it’s just a shitty experience overall.

Recently I attempted to help a friend install CS5, she had tried with no success several methods and yet none of them worked. She would insert Dvd 1, it would read it , start the installer, and then ask for Disk 2, then Disk 3, then back to Disk 1, then FAIL. Quite an annoying process. I tried for several hours to get beyond this, nothing worked. I thought it was originally bad DvD’s , but nope, a reformat, Windows 7 upgrade (she was using vista), and voila, runs flawlessly.

I personally recently installed CS5, a gift from Adobe, which I thought was very nice of them by the way. I too had trouble installing the entire suite. My install would ask for the serial, which I entered, my legitimate serial, and it said “invalid serial” over and over. I couldn’t figure out why, it was a legitimate copy from Adobe themselves. So I clicked on the “Trial” option, it installed the entire suite just fine. When I attempted to open any individual app however, it immediately asked for the serial, for every single app. Again the serial didn’t work. I finally found a Keygen online and it provided individual serials for each app, and this worked fine….go figure right?

I still have problems with After Effects CS4 AND CS5, they work, but are majorly bugged out. CS4 After Effects, my mouse cursor turns into a 1 inch by 1 inch pixelated black and white box, and never changes back, and in CS5 I get missing output modules error upon start, and attempting to add “wiggle” or sketch, gives me an error as well, and I can’t continue with my projects.

I did find out however in the midst of all the bullshit, a solution to a problem I’ve had for a few months. (and yes this is off topic but screw it)  I could not select certain menu items in After Effects (or any of the CS4 or CS5 suites) with the mouse, I had to TAB through them and select with the keyboard, then go back to editing with my mouse. This is a desktop composition problem with Windows and typically associated when you have dual or triple monitors, so one of two things work to fix it, A: Turn off windows desktop composition ENTIRELY, or B: right click the icon, and goto the COMPATABILITY tab, and check the little box “ignore Desktop Composition” or whatever it says. Restart the app and voila, your cursor goes back to normal.



4/21/2011 – This is a END ALL solution! I have tested so many variables and this worked flawlessly on all PC installation problems. Download THIS with your bitorrent of choice (mine is utorrent)or follow the link below and follow the instructions, it’s a VERY simple process. You should have no problems after this! I’m currently working on installation and verification issues with Magic Bullet Suite 10 as well, many users are complaining that the plugins continuously ask for serials even with legitimate copies, at first I thought it was a user problem until I experienced it myself!

Adobe installation Pirate Arrghhh Toolkit (by “thethingy”)