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I know I’m late but in case you missed it the first time around this morning, iOS 4.3 is here bringing some pretty nice changes. Here’s the rundown, some information from

Personal Hotspot:

“…Personal Hotspot — Verizon iPhone users have had access to the feature before now, but as of iOS 4.3, AT&T users can find the hotspot feature under the Network tab, inside the General Settings app on the iPhone. Note that while Personal Hotspot makes it possible for you to share a network connection with a computer, either over Bluetooth, a USB connection, or now over Wi-Fi, there is an extra charge on AT&T, and your phone will ask you to sign up for that service if you haven’t yet.

AT&T calls the service DataPro with Tethering, and it will cost you an extra $45 a month, allowing up to 4 GB of bandwidth, and extra charges beyond that for more. That’s not cheap, but if you are often in places where you have to depend on your phone for an internet connection, it could be worth it.

To use the service itself, you just jump into that Settings screen, set up a password, and then connect from your computer as you would any other Wi-Fi network. The hotspot works with up to three connections via Wi-Fi at a time, so you and two friends can access the internet from anywhere, right through your iPhone.”
Airplay update:

“4.3’s AirPlay allows playback of videos straight from the iPhone’s Camera Roll, meaning that your snapshots and quick clips can be shared immediately. Websites that show H.264 video in Safari can stream to Apple TV as well, which is sure to be useful. Third-party app support is there too, and though it may take a little while for the developer community to catch up the possibilities are vast and very cool (Hulu, anyone?).

In addition to the wireless streaming magic of AirPlay, wired video playback gets a boost with iOS 4.3. The new version allows for “720p HD video playback from the Videos app, iPod app, Photos, YouTube, Safari, Keynote, and enabled third-party apps on an HDMI display,” meaning that you’ll need one of Apple’s new Digital Adapters to make the magic.”
Message Alert Options:

iOS 4.3 also brings some subtle changes to the way message alerts work. The settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals, which will come in handy if you’re away from your iPhone for awhile and miss a text.

Most of the 17 new (iPhone 4-only) text tones introduced in iOS 4.2 have been retooled. These new tones were quite lengthy before iOS 4.3, with some of them seeming more suited to a ringtone than a text message alert. 11 of the tones have been dramatically shortened and/or sped up — including Noir, which I thought was short enough to begin with — while six tones remain at roughly the same length they were before iOS 4.3.

Most tones are now less than a second long, and they sound much less overdriven, too; several of the new tones were so loud in iOS 4.2 that they sounded distorted through the iPhone 4’s speaker. That’s no longer an issue now as far as I can tell.

Another subtle change that you might not even notice at first: vibration alerts for messages have been changed up. Before, new messages had the same, brief vibration as the new mail alert. As of iOS 4.3, new text messages will instead give two sharp and quite noticeable vibratory pulses.

We’re unsure if the new tones have made it to the iPhone 3GS as of iOS 4.3; they weren’t available on the older iPhone in iOS 4.2, so chances are they’re still iPhone 4-only.

MLB NBA as streaming content

(Yaaawn) I guess this will appeal to some of you, forgive me if I save the confetti for another announcement.

“…additions of MLB.TV and NBA Game Time as streaming content options. Subscribers to these services (starting at $20/mo for the baseball side, and $65 for the NBA season) get streaming video of games, on-demand content and more. It’s a big step towards enabling the Apple TV as a digital hub for the living room — although, as pointed out, the Roku and Boxee devices have had this capability for a while (not to mention the Sony PS3).

Beyond the new streaming content, the update includes 5.1 Dolby sound for Netflix streaming, an improved onscreen keyboard, new slideshow themes, and the souped-up AirPlay feature to work with iOS 4.3 devices. Lots to enjoy!”


If you missed the earlier pre-sales online, well… the wait for you is over today. You can now order online from the Apple store, or Verizon. Note that it won’t be the exact same experience as At&t (albeit that can be a good and a bad thing!) but it is the same great iphone experience. For a Verizon iphone rundown check out Chris Ulrich’s ( review HERE.



Good news fellow followers, since I’ve finally taken the time to really dive into the build process, the development and implementation of the kexts and compatibility issues with my own Hackintosh, I’ve realized a lot of you might be lost in this whole process.  It can seem overwhelming at first even for a veteran techie like myself I found myself having to google certain solutions in the beginning. All in all I found that 99% of the time I looked for support, the support was to say the least…shitty. Either I never received a response, or the response was extremely vague.

In the tech world the largest problem when doing any type of support is that there are so many different equipment manufacturers and different versions of firmware or BIOS and hardware models it makes it difficult to test each variable.

I recommend that you first always pre-check and RE-check the compatibility here: This wiki proved to be the most useful resource, raw knowledge and common sense turned out to be the second best resource lol.

Kexts are Mac’s version of Windows drivers, so just think of it that way to simplify terminology. When you hear or read someone saying, “just replace the voodoo_kext blah blah with the gnome kext”, all there saying is replace the voodoo drivers with the gnome drivers, see not so hard right?

Now I set myself up with the most vanilla of setups in the beginning, and once I felt comfortable that I could duplicate the method, then I started to mess with variables, like different graphic cards, dual and triple OS boots, and custom kexts (drivers) for better GPU performance. In the end, I ended up running an overclocked 3ghz quad core @ 3.6ghz, and 16gb @ 1600mhz, with dual Nvidia GPU’s. This “Mac Pro” desktop setup would literally have cost me over 9k, and I put this together for around  $2,200, including the magic mouse and trackpad. I currently run 10.6.4 and will most likely have to tweak or delete some of the kexts with the next update which is a major one coming up, however this computer simply ROCKS.

If you find yourself needing help or want to have someone help guide you, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to reach out to ya and help you out.



-David aka Exempt

A couple weeks ago Apple sent me a nice letter and a little box. They had sent me a free Magic Trackpad as a gift for nondisclosure information and I was thankful for the small gift. The Magic Trackpad measures 5×5 roughly, slightly larger than the trackpad on your Macbook Pro, and functions exactly the same. Is it innovation? Not really. Is it cool? Kinda. Do you need one to replace your Magic Mouse? Not in my opinion.

I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, actually, it’s been connected for a couple weeks sitting right next to my magic mouse (which I use with my 27″ iMac). I used it for a day, and then was pretty much over it. It’s really about personal preference, and after about 10 minutes of whipping around on the web and iMac, the tips of my fingers whether its on my Macbook Pro, or on this new trackpad, I kinda get this irritating feeling on the tip of my fingers.

If you’ve always wanted a over sized touch responsive trackpad for your computer, then “Oh My Gawwwd”, this is for you. Rotating pics in preview is nice, and flipping through the always over sensitive Finder in Coverflow view is nifty, but the novelty wears off pretty fast. The build quality as always with Apple Wait…what about that iphone 4 antenna gate problem? is top notch, it’s solid and sexy. For power users, I’d say give this a pass, even at their price of $69. Or don’t take my word for it, but I’m sure you’ll think the same thing in a week.

Recently a friend of mine asked me for a slick case for his new ipad. I had told him that I saw a nice looking case online from Engadget or maybe it was TUAW called the DoDocase. A quick Google search later, brought him to the website where he scoped out and ordered the dodocase. Now at the time, the case was $49.00 and has since increased to $59.00, just a little side note there. It is a hand made case, and well, I typically think that when something is hand made, that it insinuates quality. This however, wasn’t the case deal with the dodocase.

First off it’s light. Like feather light. It wasn’t what either of us expected. It has the same feel and weight as those shitty school books in college that you overpay for…hell it even smells the same. The bamboo was thin, and looked brittle, and his even came with a hole. The elastic strap that holds it shut reminded me of two things, one… fat chick pants, and two… the strings on your socks that come apart right before you throw them away.

Putting the ipad in the case isn’t difficult as you see in the video, it just pushes right in. However it isn’t *tight*, it’s just sitting in there. As you can see in the video it easily falls out. Some of you might argue by saying, “well yah but who the hell is going to turn it upside down?”. Two words broke back hero… “shit happens“. That cheesy elastic strap may pop off, and voila, ipad on the ground. You may accidentally drop the case, cmon that’s a reasonable scenario, and the ipad will come falling out and probably roll like a $600 meatball, with your tears for sauce. Or maybe your on the subway, and the little shakes and vibration cause it to slip off your lap (the faux leather is slippery on pants), you get the point.

Added to the poor case design, it takes 4-6 weeks to actually get it. You could easily go out and buy a better more protective case for cheaper. Like this one. NOTE: It’s better to buy the apple case in an apple store and avoid the 3-4 weeks online shipping wait.

After we messed around with it after the video, I took some heavy duty neoprene sticky tape (from the old LN2 and phase change overclocking days) and cut tiny little pieces and adhered them to the same 4 corners where the existing neoprene stickers are, and when we popped the ipad in, it fit MUCH more snugly and took quite a firm shake to get it to pop out. The downside to this is though, is that ALL neoprene deteriorates pretty quickly. My friend is dropping it off at a local upholsterer and having it wrapped in real leather, and adding a clasp/buckle to the cover. As for holding it inside, that’s still to be determined.

Cheers People,


Hey folks! Let’s not talk about how busy I’ve been and dive right into this shit. 🙂

iPhone 4 , it’s great, it’s everything I expected it to be, and at the same time, it isn’t. I know, kind of a contradiction right? It does everything very well, it clobbers all other smart-phones out there, seriously it does. I know that some of my Blackberry friends and HTC buddies say shit like,  “but my phone can take video and pictures and blah blah”. And they’d be correct, their phones do. However, taking TRUE 720p HD video, and having it be fast to acquire initial capture  (quick startup) and smooth filming (not all choppy when moving the camera) they don’t do so well (little side note for your brain munchies, the competition DOESN’T film in HD…period).

The infamous “Death Grip” is complete rubbish, I’ve tried holding the phone in every possible angle, finger combination, one hand and two hands (oh and I do this when I TALK and DRIVE by the way bastards). I cannot replicate the dropped bars what-so-ever..soooo, let’s move on.

Let’s talk about the commonly used abbreviation FTW. I’m not sure how these teens came up with the reeeeeeeediculous idea that it stands for: “For the WIN!” . No no no no…  no. You sound like some down syndrome kid tripping across the finish line ribbon at the Special Olympics, complete with drool and a kool aid stain. FTW derived waaaay before that, from 2001 to be exact, by a band called Tiger Army, an ecliptic combination of punk/rockabilly (which totally kicks ass!) and stands for “Fuck The World“. So everytime one of you twittering facebook boogers posts, “I just totally souped up my dads mustang with headers FTW!” , most people think that you are saying, “I just totally souped up my dads mustang FUCK THE WORLD!” . Poor confused children.

Oooh this one is gonna be a doozy. (I know who says “doozy”? )  the most infamous remark I hear from the un-informed, “Yah Mac’s are nice but they are really for graphics and artists, not practical for my work/office“. Wow, just wow, if they gave out “I just repeat shit I’ve heard without really looking into it” awards, you’d be the winner for sure. That comment had it’s place, I’ll give it that, about 12 years ago. Most PC aficionados still don’t realize that all Apple computers, use the exact same hardware (by Intel) inside them.  Now granted most of you know that I am an indefatigable apple guy, but as they say in the streets, “let me kick you some knowledge lil homie“. *Takes a deep breath..

First as I stated Apple uses the same speedy hardware inside them, from the lowly basic student macbook, to the James Cameron Hollywood editing Mac Pro. All Intel goodness (ATI & Nvidia notwithstanding)

Secondly, you might retort back with, ” but my office software doesn’t work on a mac” , and I could reply back with “my reliability, stability and ability to complete work projects without crashing just doesn’t work on a PC“. Ok ok I’m being cheeky, but honestly there are numerous options to have your PC software trucking along on a Mac, Parallels is one, and a quick search for virtualization software for mac will return some results, VMware Fusion is another. And again another common myth that pops up from that response is, “yah but it’s sooo slow on my mac“, and that my friend is a thing of the past as well. If your running at least 8gb of ram (why the hell wouldn’t you be? it’s cheap) then running Mac OS snow leopard and Windows 7 ultimate, have absolutely no problem. I do it all the time (albeit I started with 8gb and moved up to 16gb since I use heavy RAM intensive apps). Dual booting (the ability to run both Windows AND Mac natively) is always an option as well.

Third, the Mac has made a huge shift in its target users. Microsoft office has been on the Mac for quiet some time now and unlike its PC brother, it doesn’t crash every time you have a deadline due in a few hours. However I promise that once you use Apple’s version of “Office” (iwork) you’ll never look back (until you get an email from someone who still uses the garbage and your forced to). The “holier than thou” mentality of artists and designers and mac users comes from solid reasoning, and I will admit, I use BOTH in my day to day work and tasks. My PC makes a killer gaming machine, but it also kills my mac with the i7 980x, and 24gb of ddr 3 2000mhz, but you know (if you DO know lol) that it’s a lethal combination of hardware, not for your average Joe Sixpack down the block. However….however… [pause for effect] when I have a tight deadline, I use the souped up iMac 27″, because it’s more stable and reliable, and I just need shit to work.

Adobe software for artists, is on both platforms, and both platforms have great video editing software (though I prefer Final Cut Pro), so the “artist and designers only” comment needs to go, it’s just not suitable anymore.

There is no right click on the Mac. Boy o’ boy did you graduate from the school of special (meaning not suitable for society) children.  There has been a right click (alt click) on the Mac since its creation,  in the last few years they actually put the physical button on the mouse for you specially challenged people. Before there was a actual button, you just held down ALT (or option) and clicked, voila right click. Now with the last 4-6 years (and more recently with the magic mouse) you’ve had an actual right click button. Yes you still get to pet the rabbits Lenny.

Yours truly,