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There are a lot of circulating posts around the web about whether or not the iphone can be unlocked after an 1.1.3 update, etc, the answer is YES. Another misconception is that there is no OTB 1.1.3, which is FALSE, the new iphones come preloaded with 1.1.3 OTB (out the box), which does NOT pose any problems with unlocking the iphone, however you cannot unlock the phone in the traditional method. Simply go HERE and download the GUI version of Ziphone (its free of course), and follow the instructions. One small detail that they fail to mention however is that your iphone needs to be plugged into the USB, and into the computer (obviously) , for you to put it into recovery mode, after that give it 20 minutes and viola!, your iphone is unlocked, and there are Sim unlockers in the installer for 1.1.3 that want to change networks.
The 1.1.3 update is WORTH it, previously I had the most shoddy reception, sending a text was impossible without the “E” (EDGE) network icon, as well as numerous call failures even with full bars but no EDGE connection. Thats all changed with the 1.1.3 update, as well as a few updates to the text messenger, and google maps.

Some of the programs like SMBprefs, and Customize, are limited in their capabilities, though parts of the applications work, other parts like changing notification icons, and sounds, seems to do absolutely nothing. This could possibly be an isolated problem but I doubt it.   Sendsong does not work properly as well, the application crashes my iphone upon attempting to open it, sending me back to the home screen, so my ringtones need to be purchased from itunes which in my opinion is a retarded method, and now forces me to pay 99 cents for a ringtone…lame.

Another issue is that I have an alloted 300mb of unidentified data on my iphone in a location I can not delete now, sooOOO when I have some time Ill have to find a way to locate and delete the data and hopefully my iphone will still work 😉

One of the commentors here posted this useful link to basically bypass windows authentication, similar to the registry hack I had posted months ago, work a look or a use 🙂 ENJOY

So far I have performed over 14 apptapp installer “upgrades” to various iphones,  from firmware 1.0 to the newest 1.1.1 . The only time I have bricked the iphone, is when I had an unlocked carrier iphone. Okay let me clarify this for the non-techies that used jailbreakme… You can safely update your iphone to 1.1.1 from any other firmware version (without any time costly setbacks), as long as you never unlocked your iphone to work on another service provider , like T-mobile, Sprint, etc. (HOWEVER even if you DO update to 1.1.1 and your phone becomes bricked, (disabled) you can always revert back to an older firmware HERE  to unbrick, and still use 1.1.1) OR you can use the ($80) turbosim method and continue using your iphone on another carrier. So basically what I am telling you is that you CAN update to 1.1.1 and have no major consequences regardless of whether or not you temporarily brick your iphone.  I think I should note that installing the 1.1.1 update DOES remove all your previously installed third party apps, and if your like me and have 25+ applications and customizations it can take a while to reinstall all of them and have your iphone working in it’s previous full glory, also NOT according to rumor, you DO NOT lose your contacts, or any frakkin information PERIOD. Backing up is always suggested and any common Joe-Sixpack  should be already backing up their information anyways however…   I currently have my iphone working with T-mobile, At&t (obviously), and vodaphone (overseas provider). Iphonesimfree is also another alternative for those wanting to use another service provider, and does not mind paying a small fee. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment, I’m doing my best to respond to all the traffic and emails.