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Pictured above is what I was greeted with upon updating from 10.6.5 iacktos to 10.6.6. I reinserted my kexts for my Nvidia card, and repaired permissions, although FCP and all other apps still report QE as enabled, magically the OS still does NOT recognize QE as enabled.  And don’t forget to delete sleepenabler kext before that reboot otherwise you’ll most like see a kernel panic.

If your running a hackintosh system and are debating whether or not to update to 10.6.6 from 10.6.5, I’d personally say that it’s not worth it. The only major addition to 10.6.6 is the “App Store”, however it also updates graphics drivers to support more CUDA cards, so if you had a difficult time enabling QE previously I’d hold off unless your willing to do some additional work to get back to where you currently are.

For those that are feeling up to the task, download the update, and before you reboot, run multibeast, replace the IOUSB kexts, and replace your Nvidia (or ATI) kexts with your old ones, and (sometimes applicable) delete sleepenabler kext, otherwise you might get a kernel panic on reboot. If you didn’t do all this and rebooted, you can always use a linux USB bootable distro and simply goto your extras/etc/ and delete the kexts and do some replacing. And lastly, always remember to repair permissions after making any changes to your kexts or system files.