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A long long time ago I had reviewed Aviary software suite and praised it for its ability for it’s artistic ability in their software suite. What appeals the most about Aviary software, is that it truly was made ahead of it’s time. Think of Aviary Tools as the open source (free) CS4 suite. Creation on the fly, from where ever your sit your bottom at (with internet access). Before we were using terms like “cloud computing”, Aviary was pushing there tools, to be able to manipulate vectors and photo effects, image editing, even an audio editor, all from the web, that’s pretty fucking powerful.

When I wrote the review, it was still in BETA, and some of the apps were limited in functionality and ability, and worst of all, they planned on charging for it. This was a huge turnoff, like having a beautiful woman with a full package, yet she plans on getting genital warts. Yah exactly…  Well some smart business minded folks over at Aviary decided that charging customers would be a turnoff (possibly Mozilla? jk) and now Google has acquired them and it is included in Google Apps! To a reader of my blog that typically reads the political satire and rants, this may not be a big deal to you, but trust me, it truly is. Aviary allows a user to log into their software tools from anywhere with net access, and modify photos, paint, draw, create, design, edit audio,  I mean the list goes on. And did I already say it’s FREE?

Ok so I can’t say I will be leaving CS4 anytime soon, and there is an obvious learning curve, but you do have the ability to do some creative damage with Aviary Tools, and it is pretty powerful. The online community behind Aviary is strong, knowledgeable, and friendly, so if you get lost or have questions, you will be able to ask and receive answers from people who already know what there doing. Check out the video after the jump (jk, that is the lamest term bloggers use)

To start using Aviary click here