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I can help! If you need my help, click on the I CAN HELP icon to the lower right, and it will direct you to my Crossloop profile. I just set it up so that I can help out anyone in need. Its safe and secure, and naturally I promote open source software, and TRUE freeware. The software, Crossloop, which is just f*ckin awesome and completely FREE, is much like (but better than) PCanywhere. It essentially allows me to help you in, as if I was sitting at your desktop. As I said the software is a completely free download, no registration or any crap like that, just click download and install it. I do charge for help but the fees are very reasonable and cheaper than taking it to some Geek squad or some guy down at the mom and pops store that speaks broken english, and much better than the Indian call centers tech support.

Yours Truly,