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I’m not sure why when you google this, there are quiet a few pages at the top that have no walkthrough for this, or why the walkthroughs that exist make it so much more difficult than it should be. It’s real simple folks, FIRST off the iphone supports more than just the commonly stated .mp4 format, it supports .m4v, .mov, H.264, MPEG-4, 3GPP & 3GPP as well, and there are more programs out there that convert dvd formatted files or .avi into .m4v than mp4. Now I should state that the way I refer to, is the easiest, but not the most ethical.

To put a dvd or any movie, which isnt already in the native format for it, your going to need to convert it. Apple would have got a huge kudos for being super cool and just including the function to drag and drop and let Itunes automatically convert files and place it on the iphone. Ok….so were going to convert the video file, so you can get it on your iphone.

So most people have heard of Handbrake, which I have to admit is a great app, and it does do the trick most of the time on video conversion, however there isn’t a Windows version (cmon guys and girls this is 2008, you should have a Mac & and a PC) but whatever, so for both sides, you can use Quicktime (Pro) . If you are on a Mac then just click the link above and download Handbrake, when you start the app it will open up a source box, which you just find the file you want to convert, make sure the output is “MP4 File”, and convert the file. Possibly its just me, or maybe its handbrake’s new version, but I can’t convert .avi files into MP4, as a matter of fact Handbrake will not even recognize .avi files as a legitimate source….go figure.

So back to the easiest way….

You can pay 29.99 and legally buy Quicktime Pro, or you can use this method, I leave the moral choice to you.

So buy/download Quicktime Pro , install it, open the app:

Step 1: Open the file obviously, goto FILE then OPEN

Step 2: Export the File, goto FILE then EXPORT….under export, select Movie to Iphone , (I normally choose this, you can choose movie to ipod, or movie to iphone (celluar), even movie to mpeg-4) But for practicality just choose MOVIE TO IPHONE. Use the default settings, and choose the export location to wherever you’d like, then click Save.

This process will vary on time length, a full length 700mb pre-downloaded DvD in avi format will take about 3-4 hours depending on your system specs, hell Ive seen it done in 1 hour, and quiet possibly 20-30 min on some newer high end systems. I typically do it before I go to sleep and its done by the time I wake up.

Step 3: Open Itunes, and goto File, then Import, and select your movie file youv’e converted. It only takes a few seconds and now you are able to sync the movie to your iphone, its that simple, any questions, just ask away, Ill be around ;


EDIT: Handbrake is what you’d use to convert actual DvD (.VOB extensions) into a iphone playable format (.mp4 , m4v) and does it very simply 🙂