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Google has released a browser, called Google Chrome, for now it’s only pc based, but a mac version is coming. I downloaded it within the first few hours of being released. I haven’t played around with it to extensively, having been using my highly optimized Firefox 3 browser, it’s very hard to switch browsers that lack certain add-ons and abilities. Immediately I noticed it didn’t block those annoying flash game adverts, which cause pages to load slowly, and there just plain annoying to look at.

I did like the ability to drag a tab away from the current window and bring it back, and when I’m not perusing pron, errr…inappropriate material, I do fancy the home page, as well as the thorough browsing history by date

The overall UI (user interface), is pretty boring, it’s reminiscent of Vista, which is no classy, modern, nor high tech looking, and I would prefer to have a default skin that looks awesome than to wait for someone to reskin and all that jazz just to make it look decent..

So for now it’s lacking, but hey its still in Beta, if you want to download it for yourself onto your PC, you can download Google Chrome HERE, however if your a Mac user, which I am writing this post on, well *sigh* you can just sign up here to be notified when it comes out. In the mean time, why don’t you sign up for Aviary as well ? Review on that to come very soon…! I have 5 invites for Aviary so you could use peacock and pheonix, first to ask, first to get…


EDIT: PS here is a icon that replaces the shoddy one that comes with it for you Rocketdock users 😉

Google Chrome Exempt Icon