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I recently picked up a G-Drive (1tb) (by Hitachi) from the Apple store (prices online will not vary much, so no need to shop around for it). More than anything it was an impulse buy for some much needed extra storage space on my video editing machine. I had a new project coming up and wanted to be prepared for all the new data I would be importing and this little thing seemed sexy enough to sit on the desk during the long hours of night while working.

Now I could sit here and tell you the regular bullshit about what it comes with (obviously the cables needed to power it, plug it in, and use it). The unit amazingly also has all the necessary ports to connect it to the cables and hence, connect it to your computer.

The G-Drive is not Mac only compatible, though out of the box it is formatted under Mac OS HSF+ Journaled and it is “out of the box” ready to use for Time Machine. *Quick note… If your using Time Machine, your an idiot. You obviously would be using it to “back up data” for safety and data integrity, however hard drives crash and can also be stolen. Search my blog for benefits of Cloud storage vs HDD backing up, it’s more affordable and much safer.

Back to the review. So I start using the G-Drive day one (connected with the Firewire 800 to my 27″ iMac) and right off the bat the first thing I notice is the amazing read and write speeds while importing and exporting large video files in and out of Final Cut Pro. I mean this little sucker flies through file transfers. Note to any novice computer user, whenever you are using external devices for importing and exporting, or even as scratch disks, you will want to disable “sleep” mode on your PC or Mac, this will greatly improve performance since the drive will not have to slow down/speed up every time it sleeps and wakes.

Acoustically, the drive could be a slight quieter, and I read that the 2tb version is even louder. I’m not saying its clickety clackety loud, but for someone as anal as me, I would store it inside a component cabinet if your going to be recording sensitive audio. Aesthetically as I said earlier it is damn sexy, sporting a very “Apple-ish” style.

Overall I was so pleased with it I decided to order the 2tb Raid “G-Safe” pictured below, since I quickly filled up my 1tb on the video project.

Price wise, it is not the cheapest external hard drive. If your cheap, then look elsewhere. However if you want quality, performance, and something sexy, this my friends, is a definite winner.

Details from the manufacturer below:

Professional External Hard Drive

G-DRIVE high-speed interface external storage systems offer the ultimate in flexibility by providing 3Gbit eSATA, FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via included cable) and USB 2.0 ports.
G-DRIVE is the perfect high-performance solution for storage intensive applications including audio/video editing, digital photography, MP3 libraries and high-speed data backup. The system features a fan-less cooling system and the latest technology 7200 RPM SATA II hard drives with up to 2TB in storage capacity with up to 32 MB of cache.

G-DRIVE supports professional music production tools including Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, and many more.

Easy to Setup – Time Machine ready!

G-DRIVE is formatted at the factory HFS+ with Journaling and is Time Machine ready right out of the box! A simple initialization is all it takes to prepare G-DRIVE for use with Windows® systems!