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I just updated, didnt care if I lost my third party apps, since half of them are “semi-broken” or beta-ized anyways. I used Ziphone, and tada, my phone is again jailbroken, remember an hour ago when I said there was 300mb of unknown data on my phone? well its deleted now, and some apps that were previously on my iphone, but I couldnt uninstall them, there gone too, so cheers to that, Im sending out texts to see if the texting is still fucked up, because for some weird reason, the text messages are re-arranging themselves, so lets say my conversation originally looked like this:

ME: “Hi hot chick, lets practice making babies”

HER: “Ok, sounds good, Mr.Rockstar in bed!”

ME: “Cool Beans, meet me at my place at 9:00pm”

I exit out of Messages, and go rightback and now it looks like this:

HER: “Ok, sounds good, Mr.Rockstar in bed!”

ME: “Cool Beans, meet me at my place at 9:00pm”

ME: “Hi hot chick, lets practice making babies”

One word for this:



There are several improvements as well as steps back with the 1.1.2 iphone update. For starters, I haven’t had as many screen crashes, and lockups as before. I was experiencing garbled screens and “only reboot” recoverable errors, prior to the 1.1.2 update, however…. The customize app, has some quirks now. Changing certain sounds like the incoming text message alert, now conflicts with the newly built in sounds you can set via SETTINGS. Sometimes the custom sound plays, and at other times, the default sound plays. You can no longer change the image for the dialpad, which is a bummer because I thought mine was pretty damn cool looking. And it seems as if there is no longer going to be an option to change out he image for the keyboard. All in all, I would say that unless you don’t plan to change carriers, I would stick with the 1.1.1.

Another pro, would be the ability to unlock carrier via a simple app found in the INSTALLER, no more dirty work for the newbians.

Some suggestions to anyone writing apps for the iphone:

* Where the hell is our video recording support?

* Adjustments to light, contrast, brightness etc for the camera (add options like B&W, sephia, inverted)

* MMS messaging support

* The ability to sideways type text messages like Safari

* Changing libraries and locations for storing data for text messages and call logs