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I’m mobile at the moment so I’ll keep this short, depending on the type of hackintosh install method you used, you may run into some trouble updating to 10.6.7, and I mean “trouble” beyond the norm of having to simply delete some kexts or “reinstall” kexts. I recently updated and had a motherload pain of a time getting QE (Quartz Extreme) to function properly.

Keep in mind, since there haven’t been any *major* updates to Snow Leopard since 10.6.6 (well if you call the integration of the Mac App store a major update), so if your running 10.6.5 and everything is working just fine, I’d say you have no real reason to update, the graphics kexts that come with the update are not compatible for most hackintosh users that are using older (9800 gtx, 280,295 etc) graphics cards will not benefit performance wise from it.

I’m just sayin….

If your running a hackintosh system and are debating whether or not to update to 10.6.6 from 10.6.5, I’d personally say that it’s not worth it. The only major addition to 10.6.6 is the “App Store”, however it also updates graphics drivers to support more CUDA cards, so if you had a difficult time enabling QE previously I’d hold off unless your willing to do some additional work to get back to where you currently are.

For those that are feeling up to the task, download the update, and before you reboot, run multibeast, replace the IOUSB kexts, and replace your Nvidia (or ATI) kexts with your old ones, and (sometimes applicable) delete sleepenabler kext, otherwise you might get a kernel panic on reboot. If you didn’t do all this and rebooted, you can always use a linux USB bootable distro and simply goto your extras/etc/ and delete the kexts and do some replacing. And lastly, always remember to repair permissions after making any changes to your kexts or system files.


Well it didn’t take to long for the guys over at Tonymacx86 to get Snow Leopard running on a Sandybridge CPU, however because it’s not supported yet, the OS hasn’t been optimized for the CPU, making performance actually a little slower. Give it time though and the Sandybridge architecture will definitely see a major performance triumph over the current i7-i3. I am currently still playing around with Snow leopard and a SandyBridge CPU, but I do not use Tonymacx86’s supported method to install the OS.

Ok boys and girls, this one was a major pain in the ass to figure out. Updating from either a vanilla, or iatkos s3 install from 10.6.x to 10.6.5 on the EP45-UD3P proved to be more trouble than it was worth (for me), but in the end I was able to get the full functionality back.

10.6.5 replaces IOUSB kexts as well as somewhere it disables Quartz Extreme, probably ousting one of the injectors. Modifying your plist with the <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> and repairing permissions did NOT work for me. After removing NVinject, NVenabler, and a few others and repairing as well did NOT work.

For usb functionality to come back, it was a simple fix, I ran Multibeast>Easybeast, repaired permissions and voila! back to business.

For kext installation you can simply drag and drop and sudo diskutil repairpermissions / in terminal if this doesn’t work, then try /sbin/fsck -fy , or diskutil verify / or  just use Kext Helper which is the “easy as sunday morning” installer for newbies and check the box for “repair permissions“. There is also a tonyx86 version called KextBeast, but personally I haven’t used it so I can’t say which is better.

So in my case, my Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512mb card had lost QE ability, though the proper resolutions were supported on boot, I couldn’t start FCP or any quartz reliant application, dock moved choppy as well as expose. Using the more hacker friendly site proved to be the most useful knowledge I could openly ask for on the web. While a lot of other sites pussyfooted (emphasis on “pussy”) discussion about hackintosh setups, at you can openly discuss your distro and setup. I literally went through every applicable option to re-enable the quartz on the card, it went as follows:

Nvidia vanilla kexts: didn’t work

Nvidia drivers (tweaked by tony): didn’t work

EasyGFX: worked on my i7 setup but not on my EP45-UD3P setup

NVEnabler by Krazubu: didn’t work and yeeesss I ran: ioreg -lw0 > NVEnabler_ioreg_dump_$USER.txt

x-darwin: didn’t work

NVEnabler – NVinject – Natit for 10.6.4: WORKED, however here’s the oddest part of this, when running the downloaded 10.6.4 package and updating from 10.6.3. I still lost quartz extreme. however updating to 10.6.5 from 10.6.4 then rolling back the kexts to 10.6.4 re-enabled quartz… funny isn’t it?

Not really to me. Frustrating to me more than anything else.

Now that the process has been ran through the washer, it’s a simple rinse and repeat for anyone else. And if you need help or if I lost you in the geek-speak, then feel free to drop a comment, I’ll be listening. I’m always listening, waiting and watching. Just kidding, that’s just plain creepy.


Well I’ve run just about every installation type possible for the EP45-UD3p (f7) 9800 gtx+ pair. Most available distributions including retail start at 10.6 ~10.6.3 , updating to 10.6.4 brings up some small problems, USB not working and quartz sometimes disappears and sometimes it works flawlessly, it’s extremely frustrating.

Ive found that seriously the most simple install is the iatkos, pop the DvD in, and boot off of it, and there is no need to worry about ANYTHING else. If your happy with 10.6.3, you’ll find that everything works natively out of the box. Using iboot was a hit or miss for me on several boards, it would boot off the cd, then immediately forget that it read it and continue with the normal boot process. When it did work, I had to use it in conjunction with multibeast>easybeast. Never once in my installs could I get certain options of Multibeast to become available, even when using retail Snow Leopard.

Currently I’m running iatkos 10.6.5, with a USB rollback from 10.6.2 via Just make SURE you deploy the USB rollback before you reboot otherwise youll have no way without SSH or screen sharing to access the gimped system. My quartz extreme is not working, but was upon the initial install of 10.6.3. and I happened to update directly to 10.6.5, I may attempt another install today and just sit with 10.6.4 with sleepenabler.kext removed, and the graphics update 1.0. It seemed to be the best [i]working[/i] combination.

What really irks, no screw that, it really [cuss words] pisses me off, is the lack of support, and the amount of pussy-footing that is done on the web and in support forums. I love how they seem to adhere to some quasi-moral standards that installing a *retail* version of Snow Leopard is so much less illegal than installing an iatkos version. That’s just ridiculous, and I’m sure Apple doesn’t like either method in the same amount. I’m not talking solely about tonyx86 forums, but a slew of other forums. Here they are providing all types of software that directly violates hundreds of intellectual property laws and bylaws, but if we want support for it….fuggetaboutit…..wait ….wait… ONLY if your using a retail version. Oh please.

Im not saying that there bad forums, Im not saying that they don’t provide support for hundreds if not thousands of Hackintosh users, but I AM saying that it’s pretty frakkin ridiculous that they, and they meaning forum moderators don’t allow certain topics to be discussed. It’s like this. Your friend Bob comes over to your house, and says, “hey dood, I downloaded this killer song off limewire yesterday, but i can’t play it in winamp, can you help me out?” And I immediately turn and say, ” don’t discuss these illegal matters in my house, someone may be listening, sorry I can’t help you”. Now if you didn’t punch me in the mouth for being a complete ASS, I mean seriously…how ridiculous does that sound???

It reminds me of way back when VHS tapes were able to be rented and copied, and some idiots were scared to copy a tape, or later when we used cassette tapes and sat by the radio waiting for the top song to come on so we could hit “record and play simultaneously” to be played back in our tape desks in our cars. That my friends, those memories your so fond of, the nostalgia of it all, was all highly illegal according to these same moderators, and legality wise hold the same weight of civil punishment.

So after my rant, my point being for the rest of you is if your running a Gigabyte board, (any of the approved ones listed on the hackintosh wiki/s , then iatkos is by far the most simple method of installation, and it works right out of the both if you know what to select for the install options. If you happen to update to 10.6.5, be prepared to run into problems. While I never had any audio or ethernet issues, I have had extensive USB and graphics card issues. I’ve tried NVinject, and NVkush, and about a dozen others, and honestly they all work but have one thing wrong or another.

If you know how to re-enable Quartz Extreme in 10.6.5 for this type of setup, please I’d love to know.

UPDATED: got it to work via a 10.6.4 kext replacement and repair permissions>reboot.

Good news fellow followers, since I’ve finally taken the time to really dive into the build process, the development and implementation of the kexts and compatibility issues with my own Hackintosh, I’ve realized a lot of you might be lost in this whole process.  It can seem overwhelming at first even for a veteran techie like myself I found myself having to google certain solutions in the beginning. All in all I found that 99% of the time I looked for support, the support was to say the least…shitty. Either I never received a response, or the response was extremely vague.

In the tech world the largest problem when doing any type of support is that there are so many different equipment manufacturers and different versions of firmware or BIOS and hardware models it makes it difficult to test each variable.

I recommend that you first always pre-check and RE-check the compatibility here: This wiki proved to be the most useful resource, raw knowledge and common sense turned out to be the second best resource lol.

Kexts are Mac’s version of Windows drivers, so just think of it that way to simplify terminology. When you hear or read someone saying, “just replace the voodoo_kext blah blah with the gnome kext”, all there saying is replace the voodoo drivers with the gnome drivers, see not so hard right?

Now I set myself up with the most vanilla of setups in the beginning, and once I felt comfortable that I could duplicate the method, then I started to mess with variables, like different graphic cards, dual and triple OS boots, and custom kexts (drivers) for better GPU performance. In the end, I ended up running an overclocked 3ghz quad core @ 3.6ghz, and 16gb @ 1600mhz, with dual Nvidia GPU’s. This “Mac Pro” desktop setup would literally have cost me over 9k, and I put this together for around  $2,200, including the magic mouse and trackpad. I currently run 10.6.4 and will most likely have to tweak or delete some of the kexts with the next update which is a major one coming up, however this computer simply ROCKS.

If you find yourself needing help or want to have someone help guide you, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to reach out to ya and help you out.



-David aka Exempt