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I know I’m late but in case you missed it the first time around this morning, iOS 4.3 is here bringing some pretty nice changes. Here’s the rundown, some information from

Personal Hotspot:

“…Personal Hotspot — Verizon iPhone users have had access to the feature before now, but as of iOS 4.3, AT&T users can find the hotspot feature under the Network tab, inside the General Settings app on the iPhone. Note that while Personal Hotspot makes it possible for you to share a network connection with a computer, either over Bluetooth, a USB connection, or now over Wi-Fi, there is an extra charge on AT&T, and your phone will ask you to sign up for that service if you haven’t yet.

AT&T calls the service DataPro with Tethering, and it will cost you an extra $45 a month, allowing up to 4 GB of bandwidth, and extra charges beyond that for more. That’s not cheap, but if you are often in places where you have to depend on your phone for an internet connection, it could be worth it.

To use the service itself, you just jump into that Settings screen, set up a password, and then connect from your computer as you would any other Wi-Fi network. The hotspot works with up to three connections via Wi-Fi at a time, so you and two friends can access the internet from anywhere, right through your iPhone.”
Airplay update:

“4.3’s AirPlay allows playback of videos straight from the iPhone’s Camera Roll, meaning that your snapshots and quick clips can be shared immediately. Websites that show H.264 video in Safari can stream to Apple TV as well, which is sure to be useful. Third-party app support is there too, and though it may take a little while for the developer community to catch up the possibilities are vast and very cool (Hulu, anyone?).

In addition to the wireless streaming magic of AirPlay, wired video playback gets a boost with iOS 4.3. The new version allows for “720p HD video playback from the Videos app, iPod app, Photos, YouTube, Safari, Keynote, and enabled third-party apps on an HDMI display,” meaning that you’ll need one of Apple’s new Digital Adapters to make the magic.”
Message Alert Options:

iOS 4.3 also brings some subtle changes to the way message alerts work. The settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals, which will come in handy if you’re away from your iPhone for awhile and miss a text.

Most of the 17 new (iPhone 4-only) text tones introduced in iOS 4.2 have been retooled. These new tones were quite lengthy before iOS 4.3, with some of them seeming more suited to a ringtone than a text message alert. 11 of the tones have been dramatically shortened and/or sped up — including Noir, which I thought was short enough to begin with — while six tones remain at roughly the same length they were before iOS 4.3.

Most tones are now less than a second long, and they sound much less overdriven, too; several of the new tones were so loud in iOS 4.2 that they sounded distorted through the iPhone 4’s speaker. That’s no longer an issue now as far as I can tell.

Another subtle change that you might not even notice at first: vibration alerts for messages have been changed up. Before, new messages had the same, brief vibration as the new mail alert. As of iOS 4.3, new text messages will instead give two sharp and quite noticeable vibratory pulses.

We’re unsure if the new tones have made it to the iPhone 3GS as of iOS 4.3; they weren’t available on the older iPhone in iOS 4.2, so chances are they’re still iPhone 4-only.

MLB NBA as streaming content

(Yaaawn) I guess this will appeal to some of you, forgive me if I save the confetti for another announcement.

“…additions of MLB.TV and NBA Game Time as streaming content options. Subscribers to these services (starting at $20/mo for the baseball side, and $65 for the NBA season) get streaming video of games, on-demand content and more. It’s a big step towards enabling the Apple TV as a digital hub for the living room — although, as pointed out, the Roku and Boxee devices have had this capability for a while (not to mention the Sony PS3).

Beyond the new streaming content, the update includes 5.1 Dolby sound for Netflix streaming, an improved onscreen keyboard, new slideshow themes, and the souped-up AirPlay feature to work with iOS 4.3 devices. Lots to enjoy!” If you haven’t heard of them by now, your missing out..well that is if your into reading books. With (now) over 30,000 FREE ebooks, that work on your blackberry, iphone, Kindle, Sony Reader and/or PC, why pay for a book?  You know we like free.  Here’s what they have to say on their site:

“We carry high quality items: Our books were previously published on paper by bona fide publishers and digitized by us with the help of thousands of volunteers. No fee or registration is required, but if you find Project Gutenberg useful, we kindly ask you to donate a small amount so we can buy and digitize more books. Or you can help us digitize more books or help us record audio books.Over 100,000 free books are available through our Partners, Affiliates and Resources.”

I’m not sure why when you google this, there are quiet a few pages at the top that have no walkthrough for this, or why the walkthroughs that exist make it so much more difficult than it should be. It’s real simple folks, FIRST off the iphone supports more than just the commonly stated .mp4 format, it supports .m4v, .mov, H.264, MPEG-4, 3GPP & 3GPP as well, and there are more programs out there that convert dvd formatted files or .avi into .m4v than mp4. Now I should state that the way I refer to, is the easiest, but not the most ethical.

To put a dvd or any movie, which isnt already in the native format for it, your going to need to convert it. Apple would have got a huge kudos for being super cool and just including the function to drag and drop and let Itunes automatically convert files and place it on the iphone. Ok….so were going to convert the video file, so you can get it on your iphone.

So most people have heard of Handbrake, which I have to admit is a great app, and it does do the trick most of the time on video conversion, however there isn’t a Windows version (cmon guys and girls this is 2008, you should have a Mac & and a PC) but whatever, so for both sides, you can use Quicktime (Pro) . If you are on a Mac then just click the link above and download Handbrake, when you start the app it will open up a source box, which you just find the file you want to convert, make sure the output is “MP4 File”, and convert the file. Possibly its just me, or maybe its handbrake’s new version, but I can’t convert .avi files into MP4, as a matter of fact Handbrake will not even recognize .avi files as a legitimate source….go figure.

So back to the easiest way….

You can pay 29.99 and legally buy Quicktime Pro, or you can use this method, I leave the moral choice to you.

So buy/download Quicktime Pro , install it, open the app:

Step 1: Open the file obviously, goto FILE then OPEN

Step 2: Export the File, goto FILE then EXPORT….under export, select Movie to Iphone , (I normally choose this, you can choose movie to ipod, or movie to iphone (celluar), even movie to mpeg-4) But for practicality just choose MOVIE TO IPHONE. Use the default settings, and choose the export location to wherever you’d like, then click Save.

This process will vary on time length, a full length 700mb pre-downloaded DvD in avi format will take about 3-4 hours depending on your system specs, hell Ive seen it done in 1 hour, and quiet possibly 20-30 min on some newer high end systems. I typically do it before I go to sleep and its done by the time I wake up.

Step 3: Open Itunes, and goto File, then Import, and select your movie file youv’e converted. It only takes a few seconds and now you are able to sync the movie to your iphone, its that simple, any questions, just ask away, Ill be around ;


EDIT: Handbrake is what you’d use to convert actual DvD (.VOB extensions) into a iphone playable format (.mp4 , m4v) and does it very simply 🙂

Title pretty much says it all 😉 . To date, all versions and all models of the iphone can be jailbroken and unlocked.

I just updated, didnt care if I lost my third party apps, since half of them are “semi-broken” or beta-ized anyways. I used Ziphone, and tada, my phone is again jailbroken, remember an hour ago when I said there was 300mb of unknown data on my phone? well its deleted now, and some apps that were previously on my iphone, but I couldnt uninstall them, there gone too, so cheers to that, Im sending out texts to see if the texting is still fucked up, because for some weird reason, the text messages are re-arranging themselves, so lets say my conversation originally looked like this:

ME: “Hi hot chick, lets practice making babies”

HER: “Ok, sounds good, Mr.Rockstar in bed!”

ME: “Cool Beans, meet me at my place at 9:00pm”

I exit out of Messages, and go rightback and now it looks like this:

HER: “Ok, sounds good, Mr.Rockstar in bed!”

ME: “Cool Beans, meet me at my place at 9:00pm”

ME: “Hi hot chick, lets practice making babies”

One word for this:


There are a lot of circulating posts around the web about whether or not the iphone can be unlocked after an 1.1.3 update, etc, the answer is YES. Another misconception is that there is no OTB 1.1.3, which is FALSE, the new iphones come preloaded with 1.1.3 OTB (out the box), which does NOT pose any problems with unlocking the iphone, however you cannot unlock the phone in the traditional method. Simply go HERE and download the GUI version of Ziphone (its free of course), and follow the instructions. One small detail that they fail to mention however is that your iphone needs to be plugged into the USB, and into the computer (obviously) , for you to put it into recovery mode, after that give it 20 minutes and viola!, your iphone is unlocked, and there are Sim unlockers in the installer for 1.1.3 that want to change networks.
The 1.1.3 update is WORTH it, previously I had the most shoddy reception, sending a text was impossible without the “E” (EDGE) network icon, as well as numerous call failures even with full bars but no EDGE connection. Thats all changed with the 1.1.3 update, as well as a few updates to the text messenger, and google maps.

Some of the programs like SMBprefs, and Customize, are limited in their capabilities, though parts of the applications work, other parts like changing notification icons, and sounds, seems to do absolutely nothing. This could possibly be an isolated problem but I doubt it.   Sendsong does not work properly as well, the application crashes my iphone upon attempting to open it, sending me back to the home screen, so my ringtones need to be purchased from itunes which in my opinion is a retarded method, and now forces me to pay 99 cents for a ringtone…lame.

Another issue is that I have an alloted 300mb of unidentified data on my iphone in a location I can not delete now, sooOOO when I have some time Ill have to find a way to locate and delete the data and hopefully my iphone will still work 😉

There are several improvements as well as steps back with the 1.1.2 iphone update. For starters, I haven’t had as many screen crashes, and lockups as before. I was experiencing garbled screens and “only reboot” recoverable errors, prior to the 1.1.2 update, however…. The customize app, has some quirks now. Changing certain sounds like the incoming text message alert, now conflicts with the newly built in sounds you can set via SETTINGS. Sometimes the custom sound plays, and at other times, the default sound plays. You can no longer change the image for the dialpad, which is a bummer because I thought mine was pretty damn cool looking. And it seems as if there is no longer going to be an option to change out he image for the keyboard. All in all, I would say that unless you don’t plan to change carriers, I would stick with the 1.1.1.

Another pro, would be the ability to unlock carrier via a simple app found in the INSTALLER, no more dirty work for the newbians.

Some suggestions to anyone writing apps for the iphone:

* Where the hell is our video recording support?

* Adjustments to light, contrast, brightness etc for the camera (add options like B&W, sephia, inverted)

* MMS messaging support

* The ability to sideways type text messages like Safari

* Changing libraries and locations for storing data for text messages and call logs