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As of this morning 8:00am, the new Macbook Pro’s are available! The new Macbook Pro family all utilize i5 and i7 CPU’s (the 13″ is still a Core 2 Duo), and standard memory is 4gb which can be upgraded to 8gb max. The pricing is more than fair with a 15″ 2.66ghz i7 (with turbo 3.33ghz!) 256gb SSD, and 8gb memory upgrade coming in at only $3,249. Check out the new flavors at

As reported from engadget a few days ago, more and more rumors are spreading about a possible “soon to be announced” Macbook Pro sporting a fast and flashy nice i7 core. I know I will be grabbing a few for the office, the current dual and quad cores are nice, but the Intel i7 does make a world of a difference in post processing and filter rendering as well as pr0n just loads a whole world faster (j/k about the porn, it has nothing to do with CPU speed).

Also on PC world, a similar rumor. It all makes sense, though, typically 8-10 months later Apple announces a update to a model line with a schedule release date 4-6 months ahead, which would place it nicely at the almost year and a quarter release. Let’s see what happens…