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Many subscribers have been asking, “should I renew my MobileMe account this year? I’ve heard it’s going to become a free service this year and I don’t want to pay the $99 if it’s going to be free”. That is a really great question since the rumors will most likely become true around April or in September. Recently my Mobileme expired and I debated the exact same question.

Even though I am a huge fan of Apple, I won’t hesitate to call it like I see it, after all, that’s why most of you read my blog…for the hard truth. $99 isn’t a lot of money in this day and age,  however it is a lot of money for cloud storage and the simple services that MobileMe offers. It is a lot of money for starving college students and the like as well. I would say the best method to determine whether or not you should renew should be based on a couple factors.

How much free storage do you have in your MobileMe cloud?

If you only use 1gb or less of space in your cloud, then most likely you are not taking the full advantage of cloud services, Gmail and a ton of other companies offer free cloud services, so if you have mobile me for the not so frequent access of some files, then maybe you shouldn’t renew. I have 6gb free, which really isn’t much. I store invoices and receipts on my MobileMe cloud, so that if a client ever wants a copy of the invoice or i I need to reference back to a past receipt, I can access them all easily from my iphone or ipad. I also store all my company files as a third backup “just in case”.

I like the security of being able to track my iphone/ipad device in case it gets lost.

If this is the case, then my friend, you’ve been kept in the closet. The service has been free for some time. You do not need to have a MobileMe account. READ HERE.

Do you have an AppleTv?

If you have an AppleTv, then you should take advantage of the awesome streaming methods via your MobileMe account. If your like me, all your photos and videos are stored and synced to the cloud, then I remove the videos and photos from my iphone so that I don’t ever run out of space. I can watch videos on my AppleTv from MobileMe. Setting my screensaver on my AppleTv to my MobileMe account is also another small +plus+.
What if I renew and then a couple months later Apple makes it a free service?

Well several things can happen here… Apple may offer a refund up to a certain amount, let’s say $35, they have done this several times in the past on other products. Apple may do nothing, because, umm… the world isn’t fair in case you were not aware. Possibly the service does not become free and you’ll be happy that you renewed your MobileMe and didn’t lose all those pictures of your college girlfriend doing that crazy stuff with the bottle.

Get your mind out of the gutter and go renew your MobileMe.

Im sure a lot of people have begun to hear the term “cloud computing” or “our backup and data infrastructure should be pushed to our Cloud servers” . Cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud this cloud that, it’s really simple to understand.  “Examples include and Google Appswhich provide common business applications online that are accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on the servers.”The term cloud is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on how the Internet is depicted in computer network diagrams, and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals ”  -wikipedia

MobileMe from Apple , is another form of “cloud storage”. So how does this apply to Mr. Joe Average guy? It’s pretty simple, all your documents, pictures, movies, data etc, is stored in a remote location that you can access from anywhere there is a Internet connection, which these days, means almost anywhere. In the event you lose your laptop, or drop your phone into your martini, or your house catches on fire and you lose all your valuable data, family pics, pron collection, have no fear, it’s all been backed up into your cloud and can be retrieved anywhere. For the Business user, utilizing cloud apps/ interfaces, can be very useful in project collaboration. Your graphic designer in Seattle can upload the logos to your project cloud, your Printing company can log in and grab the design, While marketing can see all updates and get ready to push forward your new campaign, all the meanwhile, the executives can also see, track, modify, suggest, or make any request from any location. Social networkers, can also communicate and share, network and have backups in their cloud.

Icloud is a neat example of cloud computing, basically it provides a “cloud based OS/desktop” with a nice GUI, and easy to use interface even for a complete beginner. So far accounts are free, but obviously it will be charged soon enough as I quickly learned that the free 3gb of storage space was highly inadequate for storage and backup of just documents that were on my desktop. Icloud plans to offer up to 50gb of cloud storage but I couldn’t find any prices at the time of writing this.

I have been playing with Icloud for a couple days now and can see a huge potential once more intensive apps are built into the interface, it’s easy to use, works relatively fast, and again, I can access my uploaded files from within my “virtual desktop” from anywhere, making software like PCanywhere, or seemypc, gotomypc, blah blah obsolete. Because it is written in XML, it doesn’t require the internet connection to be fast, it can actually be ran on a 56k connection if any of you people still exist. This is another plus because “netbooks” have become very popular to those of us that are truly “on the go”, and it wouldn’t require us to have powerful computers and bloated software.

Some cool features of Icloud are the ability to have a ton of Widgets (it comes with quiet a few to add as well) . Icloud comes with about 35 games, I played Pacman and Sonic (you can see the screenshot). You have a clean app with a nice interface to track and manage photos, share and collaborate in. You can select files or folders and grant specific access and permissions, so you can set a PDF to be viewed only by Execs or just soley for your poker buddies. Icloud has MSN messenger included in it, as well as a Wordpad type of app and a ton  of other features that I just haven’t had time to play with.

Some disadvantages are, it’s not 100% firefox compatible, nor is it Safari compatible, and I really f*cking HATE IE…but I have to use it to check out Icloud. Another disadvantage is I couldn’t find anywhere in the interface, where I could see my free space, or used space, which baffled me, so I decided to contact support at Icloud and was returned to a dead link. Reporting bugs in Icloud gave me the same result when I found that using the command interface, certain XML commands cause Icloud to boot you out and restart.

I’ve posted some pics of Icloud for you to check out, and overall I would recommend it to anyone, its free as of now, and it is a unique way of keeping your data backed up into a remote location…perfect for Mr.Joe Average, Mr Business Professional, and my fellow hackers/crackers (your sensitive data is no longer stored on your physical hard drive, making any legal issues against you, impossible to prove that you created or uploaded it there 😉 ) 


-Have Fun