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Microsoft’s attempt to somewhat recover losses due to the failure of acceptance of Windows Vista, is a futile attempt with their new campaign, “Windows Mojave”. Windows Mojave, was an experiment which essentially took non Windows Vista experienced users and asked them what they had heard about Windows Vista, then showed the un-suspecting volunteers, a “new” upcoming Windows, called “Windows Mojave”, which was really Windows Vista, and all the features they showed, were actual Windows Vista features, such as the sidebar widget, Windows Media Center, it’s “amazing” compatability, and some other lame features.  All the responses received (that we can see) say negative things about Windows Vista initially , however, they speak as if they had actually used it hands on before.

Any knowledgable computer literate person that had actually used any version of Vista before, would immediately recognize that there was no difference, they didn’t change the GUI, or add some phenomenal widget (unless you call the weather forcast widget phenomenal) , they just showed videos of what this “Windows Mojave” could do, then told the guests, that this amazing new OS, was actually Windows Vista, and then que the trumpets, there is this moment of suprise. Lets go over what they were amazed by, and in no way am I intentionally knocking Windows Vista, I don’t have to do that, it’s like a fat kid at butterfly swim contest, he will embarrass himself.

First off they continously repeat that the “computers we used for the demo are not super computers, there everday use computers that are about a year old” , yet they still don’t state the specs, or actually show the performance and settings, anyways I’m just being anal about that.

Second, they boast the built in Windows Defender, which was a beta program (which I used) never quiet picked up back in the XP days, and was later re-appeared for Vista, it never compared to free programs like Ad-Ware, or N.O.D. 32, Avast! etc. Windows Defender, is actually one thing I immediately disable when I nab any new Vista computer as well as disable the annoying UAC.

Third, the compatability between XP designed software and Windows Vista. They display the ability to go to “properties” and changing the compatability mode from XP to Vista etc. This is a option that has been available for many versions of Windows, I think it started back with WindowsME, but I no longer have a setup around with WinME loaded on a multiple boot system to test this, however I’m positive it is in XP, and it’s a useless option that never forced compatibility. Windows Vista, does have a larger stored driver database, yet I had issues with wireless NIC cards, IRIS cameras, Logitech Webcams, X-Fi cards and is still a issue that needs attention. On a similiar side note, how useless is the retarded “Let windows browse for a driver solution online” option??

I’ll completely skip the “organization” hooplaa, that’s a oxymoron, Windows & organization…it makes me laugh just saying it.

Fourth, the two “almost mac” kinda guys, show off Windows Vista Media Center, which I have to say is probably the most overhauled program on Vista, it incorporates a built in DVR, and has great potential. I say potential because as I’ll explain below, I had to install a dozen codec packs, not individual codecs, but PACKS of codecs, in order to get all my videos to playback normally without corruption, I still have no subtitles being displayed when they should, but that’s a whole other issue. Windows Media Center was first introduced as a seperate OS, which was just Windows XP with Media Center included, however it was originally pawned off as Windows XP Media Center Edition, it should have just been included in a service pack as an optional download. This I can say is the only program, greatly upgraded since it’s first version.

Fifth, is file backup, which I think is an issue that shouldn’t be bragged about. How many times have you heard a linux user or Mac user talking about backing up data? Not very often, and if they are talking about it, it’s more often for portability of data then the thought of getting infected with a virus, or from loss of data from the instability of the OS. It’s like this… On the Windows Mojave page, it states it is compatible with over 175 security programs, that isn’t something to be proud about, it’s compatble with that many security programs, because well hell…it needs to be! It’s unsafe, unreliable, and very vulnerable to viruses without the proper precautions.

Lastly, “Gadjets” which the whole world knows as “widgets”, nice little user friendly apps that run with relatively low CPU and memory usage, and give us our RSS feeds, current weather and traffic. Vista boasts how useful they are and attempts to take credit as if these are something new. Widgets have been around for maaaaany years, nothing Vista brought to the table is new…nothing.

I know this may have sounded like a Vista bash, heck I have to admit, at parts it may be, however, I had to elaborate that nothing that was released in Vista was new and amazing, it has a retarded file management system, it’s slow and eats up monstrous systems memory and CPU power to run its mac like UI, and without heavy optimization just runs like shit. This is coming from a hands on user, that has used it since beta. I still prefer XP…over Vista that is… and Leopard over either, this is not to say leopard doesn’t have problems of it’s own, just a lot less.

On a lighter note for vista…

I do use Vista for my HTPC, I know after that long bash, don’t laugh, I fancy the UI in media center, and I have highly tweaked out the UI and usability, add  My Movies and a dozen codec packs and speed enhancement tweaks, it becomes a usable media environment.